New Performance Driven Jet Air Tools Are Stronger, Lighter, Better Balanced And Cost Less

La Vergne, TN – The new JET ® 2019 Air Tool catalog is out, and the 55-page wish book is loaded with an impressive selection of high-performance, industrial and professional-rated pneumatic tools designed to work smarter. New entries include JET’s first 1” pistol-grip impact wrench; a 1” D-handle impact wrench that’s 27 percent stronger than the closest competitors in its class; a long-life, gearless angle grinder; a line of industrial grinders with governors; and more.

JET categorizes their air tools as Transportation Services and Maintenance, Repair Operations (MRO); Industrial; and Construction. In Transportation Services and MRO, performance is the optimal word. These air tools are designed to get the job done right without sacrificing power, quality, comfort or cost. The JET Industrial air tool line focuses on safety and efficiency. The JET Construction air tools are built for durability and longevity to face demanding jobsite conditions.

With better balance and improved performance, the JET impact wrenches were redesigned to reduce operator fatigue by up to 35 percent. Plus, these pneumatic tools cost less than their predecessors. Notable additions include the 1” pistol grip and 1” D-Handle Impact wrenches, as well as the new 1/2” and stubby composite body impact wrenches.

JET’s new 1” Impact Wrench has an aluminum body with a pistol grip. The square-drive impact is 1 lb. lighter and 20 percent stronger than the two closest competitors in its class. Typical usage areas for the tool include plant maintenance operations, oil and gas industry, aerospace operations and truck and RV repairs and maintenance. The JET 1” Impact Wrench (JAT-108, $463.00, msrp) is available through online retailers, distributors and dealers.

The new JET 1’ D-Handle Impact Wrench has 27 percent more torque than its two closest competitors. At 2200 ft./lbs. of torque this translates into 600 ft./lbs. of more power. It also exceeds the competition with its working torque range of 380-1900 ft./lbs. and 1300 blows-per-minute (bpm), versus competitors’ 790 and 900 bpm. The 1” D-Handle Impact Wrench is typically used in oil and gas and mining operations, as well as heavy equipment general industrial and truck maintenance. The JET 1” D-Handle Impact Wrench (JAT-211, $659.99, msrp) is available through online retailers, distributors and dealers.

Squeezing into tight spaces is the capability of the new JET 3/8” Drive Stubby Impact Wrench. This lightweight 2.5 lb. powerhouse features a composite body and a formidable 430 ft./lbs.of torque for its size. It exceeds the torque values of its closest competitors in its class. Its working torque is 90-370 ft./lbs. with 1500 blows-per-minute (bpm). This stubby impact wrench has a two-position switch behind the trigger that provides the user with the option of running full speed/full torque or choosing a slower speed with less torque. The impact wrench has multiple work applications from automotive, truck and RV repairs to plant maintenance operations. The JET 3/8” Stubby Composite Impact Wrench (JAT-125, $156.99, msrp) is available through online retailers, distributors and dealers.

The new JET Industrial Gearless Die Grinder eliminates beveled gears in favor of a direct drive system where the motor is directly linked to the tool’s ¼” collet. The motor is positioned in the head of the tool, not the body, for greater efficiency and uses Kevlar® blades in the motor for extended life. The durable Gearless Die Grinder has a 0.5 hp motor with a free speed of 20000 rpm. The tool’s overall length is 6.7’ and its weight is 1.7 lbs. The die grinder is ideal for metal surface preparation, grinding and deburring and cleanup of welds on fabricated parts. The new JET Industrial Gearless Die Grinder (JAT-412, $152.99, msrp) is available through online retailers, distributors and dealers.

JET also has added three new industrial grinders with governors to their lineup. They include the JET JAT-464, JAT-465 and JAT-467. The three industrial grinders feature 4” and 5” with 1.2 HP motors; and 7” with a 1.8 HP motor, respectively. These grinders feature longer lasting, more powerful motors to meet continuous work demands. In fact, maintenance intervals for these air tools are 1,000 hours. Equipped with governors or torque on demand, ensures that as load increases, so does the tool’s speed to keep pace with the task at hand for greater productivity.

These new JET industrial grinders also offer competitive advantages over others in their class when it comes to horsepower, free speed (rpm), overall tool length, weight and price. For example, JET’s JAT-464, with a 4” wheel, has a locking spindle and 1.2 hp motor. It has a 13000 free speed (rpm), weighs 2.98 lbs. and the tool’s overall length is 8.9 inches. The new JET Industrial Grinders JAT-464, $399.99, msrp; JAT-465, $410.99, msrp: and (JAT-467, $632.99, msrp) is available through online retailers, distributors and dealers.

The JET air tools have a 2year warranty and are backed by the JET Red Assurance service and support program, which features over 300 authorized service centers throughout the U.S. The U.S. based customer service program provides tech support as well as extensive online resources, including access to 40,000 unique in-stock parts. To locate the nearest authorized service center call 1-800-274-6848 or click on the service center link.

To see these and the rest of the new JET 2019 Air Tools, down load the free catalog .

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