Klein Conduit Locknut Wrench for 1/2″ & 3/4″ Sizes

klein conduit locknut wrenchI usually don’t get excited over hand tools but I do get excited when a new product comes out that solves a ton of hassle out of the work you do. Klein has released a conduit locknut wrench for the ease of installing and removing conduit locknuts. I’ve installed them before and while it’s a pretty straightforward and extremely easy process, it can be a pain in the butt when you need to install one inside an already cramped box. This wrench easily fits in a cramped box and makes life much easier on you.

Instead of working like a traditional wrench were you have to move the wrench back and forth, it has two ends and you can rotate the end closest to you which in turn rotates the other end holding the locknut. So whatever you do on your end gets transferred to the other end- pretty simple and makes life much easier. Also this one wrench offers locknut sizes of 1/2″ on one end and 3/4″ on the other end making it a two in one tool and a great feature built in is that both ends offer a cable pass through so you can work with cabling already installed.  The idea behind the tool is that you tighten the locknut with the force created by your hand. That can only get you so far, they thought ahead by letting you add extra torque with the use of a slot on each end so you can fit a screwdriver and tighten with extra leverage.

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  • Easily attach locknuts in tight or deep cut-in boxes
  • For ½” and ¾” connectors
  • Direct-drive heads rotate each other when twisted
  • Heavy duty steel construction enables needed torque to loosen or tighten connectors
  • Perfect for remodel work where box is filled with existing wires

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