Klein glow in the dark Hi-Viz Screwdrivers


To solve the problem of losing your precious tools on the job, Klein came out with their Hi-Viz screwdrivers featuring glow in the dark handles. The handles allow you to spot your tools much easier in the dark and get re-energized with natural light or you can give them a zap of fresh light in the form of a flashlight and they can shine in the dark up to 30 minutes.

They currently offer 3 Hi-Viz screwdrivers with one fixed #2 screwdriver, one 1/4″ cabinet tip screwdriver, and one 6 in 1 multi bit screwdriver.

My thoughts: gimmicky or not, glow in the dark products do work although they don’t always stand out in the dark as one would think they would. Manufacturers energize glow in the dark products in their advertisements meaning that what you see is not a lie although in the real world glow in the dark products don’t glow like they advertise they do. They can but that’s if you energize them with light up close and then shut the lights off immediately for their best glow in the dark effect, but usually in real world conditions it’s more likely you wont find them shining so brightly on their own. But with that said, glow in the dark products do work and can hold their glow in the dark properties for several minutes at a time. That could be enough for you to find your lost tool in a pinch.

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