Klein Tools 10 Inch Plier Wrench D53010

Klein Tools has combined two tools in one with the Klein plier wrench 10 inch D53010. Let’s check it out below.

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Klein Tools 10 Inch Plier Wrench D53010 – Features

Klein Tools 10 Inch Plier Wrench D53010

This new plier wrench combines the functionality of an adjustable wrench with pump pliers. The top jaw is flat making it  great for flat sided fasteners.

Klein Tools 10 Inch Plier Wrench D53010 demo

The bottom jaw has knurled teeth.

Klein Tools 10 Inch Plier Wrench D53010 in action

These knurled teeth help to bite onto objects that aren’t flat sided, like round pipe for example.

Klein Tools 10 Inch Plier Wrench D53010 reversible jaw

The bottom jaw is also reversible and it’s opposite side is flat sided. This makes it a better fit for when used as an adjustable wrench on flat sided fasteners.

Klein Tools 10 Inch Plier Wrench D53010 – Pricing & Availability

It is available now for about $49.97.

  • High leverage design provides strong hold on working piece
  • High-lever ratio provides exceptional grip when holding or bending various workpieces
  • Handle level adjustment minimizes hand travel and allows adjustment in confined spaces
  • Maximum versatility with 2’’ max jaw opening and 20 adjustment positions
  • Knurled teeth on reversible jaw provides extra “bite” when working with conduit and pipe
  • Parallel jaws provide secure and smooth gripping of nuts, bolts and miscellaneous workpieces

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  • Willie says:

    Has anyone used the Klein Plier Wrench for prolonged periods and can comment on its comfort and durability, especially in comparison to traditional wrenches?

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