Klein Tools 20V 7/16″ Impact Wrench Uses Dewalt Batteries

Thanks to Cody Robertson who spotted this info, we know that Klein Tools will soon be selling a new cordless impact wrench of their own. What’s also interesting is that this new cordless power tool will not be the start of their independent line of power tools but instead it uses Dewalt 20V batteries making it part of Dewalt’s 20V system.

So far we don’t have any details other than it’s existence so no specs or features list as of yet. From my observation it looks like a Black and Decker tool as it has a similar reddish color and style of B&D. I’m sure I’ll get some comment down below about this but I don’t believe it’s a rebranded B+D tool, I am simply saying it’s design resembles the style and look of Black and Decker power tools. I know it’s a 7/16″ impact wrench instead of a more conventional 1/2″ or 3/4″ impact because of the special 7/16″ chuck it has and it’s using a known socket specifically made for 7/16″ impact wrenches. Check it out for yourself in the below video but I will provide a picture in case the video gets deleted.

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