Klein Tools Situational Awareness Bluetooth Earmuffs AESEM1S

Klein Tools has come out with new situational awareness bluetooth earmuffs model AESEM1S. Let’s check it out below.

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Klein Tools Situational Awareness Bluetooth Earmuffs AESEM1S

Klein Tools Situational Awareness Bluetooth Earmuffs AESEM1S

Hearing protection is necessary in loud environments and when working with loud machinery. Hearing protection earmuffs are a great option and these offer a noise reduction rating of 23 decibels. They are made even better with bluetooth connectivity. This way you can listen to your tunes as you work safely. They provide up to 25 hours of bluetooth runtime per charge.

Klein Tools Situational Awareness Bluetooth Earmuffs AESEM1S

However there are plenty of times that you still need to wear hearing protection and also be able to hear what is around you. Not just to be aware of your surroundings but also to be able to communicate with your fellow workers. These earmuffs feature what Klein calls “Smart Sense” so that you can still hear your environment and communicate with workers with these on.

Klein Tools Situational Awareness Bluetooth Earmuffs AESEM1S

You can also use these to make calls. They feature environmental noise cancelling mics that help eliminate background noise for clearer calls in noisy environments.

They are available now for $99.99.

  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 23 decibels
  • SMART SENSE allows users to safely listen to their surrounding environment & clearly communicate with co-workers
  • Seamlessly steam high quality stereo audio via Bluetooth® 5.1
  • Vented headband provides cool comfort
  • Environmental noise cancelling microphones eliminate background sounds for crystal clear calls in loud environments
  • 25 hours of runtime on a single charge
  • Includes storage bag & USB-C charging cable

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