Makita 12V / 18V Wall Scanner And X2 Cordless Pressure Washer Spotted In Japan

New tools are always popping up in Japan and Makita was spotted with having a new 12V and 18V versions of a cordless wall scanner and also a new X2 cordless pressure washer.

Not much is known at the moment on either of these but what I do know is that the wall scanner comes in two models with a 12V version model number WD181DZK and an 18V version model number WD181DZK. The 18V version can also operate on 14.4V batteries which are available in Japan but not in the USA. The wall scanner has roller wheels on the back to roll across the wall as it scans to tell you what’s behind the surface. It has a good size color LCD screen. These make good stud finders and for finding other stuff like pipes and rebar in concrete walls.

The Makita X2 pressure washer model MHW080D runs on a couple of 18V batteries to pump out 36 volts. It’s a fully stand alone unit with hose and gun and can be hooked up to a hose or can pump water which means you can take this just about anywhere.

Keep in mind these were spotted in Japan so no word on if or when these will make their way to the USA.

A big thanks to Cody Robertson for spotting!

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