Makita 12V Cordless Vacuum LC09 LC09Z LC09A1 Packs A Punch

Makita has introduced a new cordless 12V vacuum with the LC09 which is part of their rapidly expanding CXT lineup. The LC09Z model reflects the baretool ($109) while the LC09A1 model reflects the kit with 2.0 ah battery and charger for $159.

Being a 12V vacuum, the Makita LC09 is very small, compact and lightweight at only 3.9 lbs with battery making it extremely portable. At just under 4 lbs means carrying it one handed all day shouldn’t be a problem but they do offer a shoulder strap to make it even easier to carry.

What really impresses me about this vac is it’s rated 46 CFM suction power which on paper makes it just as powerful as Milwaukee’s cordless M18 2 gallon vac but keep in mind the Milwaukee is an 18V vacuum while this Makita is only at 12 volts, making it’s suction numbers even more impressive. They’ve basically made it just as powerful (on paper) with less volts!

Runtime figures appear to be very good at up 33 minutes per charge with a 2.0 ah battery however this is no doubt at it’s lowest setting. The above mentioned Milwaukee M18 vac got 14 minutes of runtime at full power (it only has one speed setting, max) with an 18V 4.0 ah battery. That’s a total of 72 wh and about 5.14 wh per minute of runtime. If I run the same calculation of runtime figure at max output for Makita’s vacuum with a 2.0 ah battery with 21.6 wh (10.8v x 2ah) is done, it should theoretically get around 4.2 minutes of runtime at full speed. Of course a larger 4.0 ah battery should double that runtime figure.

Makita markets this powerful little 12V vacuum for use with auto upholstery. While it may seem like a great idea, I don’t think so for two reasons. One: my Milwaukee M18 2 gallon vacuum while very powerful for its size, leaves a lot to be desired for upholstery and this Makita 12V should be about as powerful. My Milwaukee M18 2 gallon vac can get the job done when it comes to auto upholstery however much slower than a larger plug in wet dry vac and for that same reason I always go straight for a larger plug in vac for my vehicles upholstery. Two: runtime at max speed with the Makita 12V model will only be a few minutes which won’t be long enough to be effective unless you have plenty of batteries to swap out but then that defeats the convenience factor since you’d have to stop too often and too many times to swap batteries. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

As far as other features go, it has two buttons to operate with a button that cycles through it’s 3 power settings and the other an off button which is exactly how their 18V random orbit sander operates. This little vac also doubles as a blower for blowing dust off your work bench and other things and comes with 4 nozzle attachments. I like that it uses a premium hose that’s very flexible and allows it to extend when needed.

I believe that where this vacuum excels in is the same as most portable cordless vacs which is at small pickups here and there and nothing large and continuous, especially not where continuous use of max suction is needed. I still think this will make an excellent addition to anyone’s collection of Makita 12V CXT tools.

  • Compact design at only 13-5/8″ long
  • Weighs only 3.7 lbs. with battery for reduced operator fatigue (battery not included)
  • Up to 33 minutes of continuous use from a single fully charged 2.0Ah battery BL1021B (battery not included)
  • Makita built motor delivers 46 CFM for use on a wide range of materials
  • 3-speed and off push buttons for operator convenience
  • L.E.D. battery charge warning light on vacuum indicates when to recharge battery
  • Optimum design for car interior cleaning
  • Includes both vacuum and blower attachments
  • Part of the expanding 12V max CXT® series, combining performance with superior ergonomics in a compact size
  • 3-year limited warranty

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