Makita 12V CXT 1/4″ & 3/8″ Ratchet Wrench RW01 RW01Z RW01R1 WR100 WR100DZ WR100DWA

Makita has a new cordless ratchet and it’s the 12V CXT Ratchet Wrench model number RW01 or otherwise known as the RW01Z as a baretool or RW01R1 as a kit with battery and charger. Outside of the USA it will be known as the WR100 or otherwise known as WR100DZ as a baretool (naked) or as WR100DWA as a kit with battery and charger.

What’s interesting about Makita’s 12V ratchet is that they only have one model but this same model doubles as a 1/4″ and 3/8″ ratchet. How so? They do this by including two (1/4″ and 3/8″) socket drive heads that can be installed on the ratchet head. I like this approach because this means you don’t have to buy two separate models as you’d have to do if buying Milwaukee’s M12 ratchets.

The torque is rated at 47.5 Nm which translates into 35 Ft-lbs which is the same as Milwaukee’s original M12 3/8″ brushed motor ratchet. Just like the original M12 ratchets, the Makita 12V ratchet also uses a brushed motor. Other features included a variable speed two finger trigger, LED light and slim profile design. I like that the batteries are placed parallel with the body so as to keep the tool as slim as possible when using a compact 3 cell battery like their 2.0 ah. The only downside to this configuration is that the tool cannot stand up on it’s own and can only lay down long ways.

A big thanks to Glenn and Craig for spotting these in their respective countries!

  • Includes 1/4″ and 3/8″ socket adaptors
  • Can be used as a hand ratchet wrench
  • 800rpm producing up to 47.5Nm max fastening torque
  • Ability to tighten 13mm nut by removing socket adaptor
  • Ergonomic design with small grip diameter for comfortable control

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I will be picking one of these up next week. I will post my thoughts here after using it and comparing it to the brushed Milwaukee I have if that’s ok?


That would be great if you did, thanks again Glenn!


Went in to pick one up today but they had nil stock. Ordered one and should have it early next week so will give you my thoughts then.


Too bad they didn’t have any in stock in store but hopefully shipping doesn’t take too long.
Looking forward to your thoughts on it!


Finally picked it up but wont get to use it in a work context for comparison til next week. So far feels well balanced and is a lot slimmer than the photos indicate.

Also the 1/4 and 3/8 socket adaptors are separate and not reversible. Personally I will only ever use the 3/8 so the 1/4 went in my toolbox socket drawer.


Thanks for the update. Good to know it’s slim though I never thought it looked thick and also good to know about the 1/4 and 3/8″ drive heads are separate. I was under the assumption it was a single double ended bit.
Looking forward to your thoughts on real world usage.


When will this be showing up in the US

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