Makita 80V Max XGT Brushless 14″ Power Cutter GEC01 & New 40V 8.0 Ah Battery

Makita announces a new cordless concrete cutter today with the Makita 80V Max (40V Mx X2) XGT Brushless 14″ Power Cutter GEC01. Along with the new XGT 80V Max power cutter, they also announced a new larger capacity 8.0 ah XGT 40V battery BL4080F.

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Makita’s new cordless power cutter runs on their XGT 40V system and is powered by their 40V batteries. It uses two of them together to make 80V max to give it performance similar to a 75.6cc gas power cutter says Makita. They say that this XGT 80V max model is similar in performance to their 75.6cc gas power cutter Makita 14” Power Cutter, model EK7651H and since the XGT runs on batteries, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of gas such as refueling, fumes, and pull string starting just to name a few. Easy push button starting is the way to go with this model.

80V max and a brushless motor gives it the power necessary to run a full size 14″ diamond blade for cutting and scoring concrete. Just like regular concrete saws, this model is equipped with the ability to connect to a water source for wet cutting to keep harmful silica dust out of the air and to extend the life of the diamond blade. As big as this machine is, it’s only 31.1 lbs and that’s with the two batteries onboard making it easy to handle and work with. You can buy it as a baretool as model GEC01 or as a kit with 2x 8.0 ah batteries GEC01PL or as a kit with 4x 8.0 ah batteries GEC01PL4. It is priced at $1499, $1999, and $2549 respectively.

Below are Makita’s runtime figures for this power cutter when running with a pair of 8ah batteries.

  • • Concrete: Up to 15-feet of cutting at 3-1/2” deep on a single charge when running two 40V max XGT® 8.0Ah batteries
  • • Rebar: Up to 115 cuts in #5 rebar (nominal diameter: 5/8”) on a single charge when running two 40V max XGT® 8.0Ah batteries
  • • Metal Decking: Up to 63-feet of cutting when running two 40V max XGT® 8.0Ah batteries

Features list:

  • OUTPOWER: Makita-built brushless motor along with two 40V max XGT® batteries combine to deliver the cutting efficiency expected from equivalent gas models*
  • OUTSMART: Eliminates the hassles of gas equipment with instant starts, reduced maintenance, and zero emissions
  • OUTLAST: Integrated anti-vibration mechanism provides up to 50% less vibration when cutting
  • 14″ wheel allows for single pass cuts up to 5″ deep in various masonry and metal materials
  • Active Feedback-sensing Technology (AFT®) electronically turns off the motor if rotation of wheel is suddenly forced to stop
  • Electric brake allows the tool to be repositioned faster for maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Integrated all aluminum wheels help reduce fatigue and maintain accuracy in floor cutting applications
  • Integrated water delivery system with water flow adjustment knob continuously feeds water for OSHA Table 1 Compliance in concrete cutting applications
  • Soft start suppresses start-up reaction for smoother start-ups and longer gear life
  • Built-in L.E.D. light with an independent on/off switch illuminates the cutting area for increased visibility
  • Integrated overload indicator alerts of excessive battery power draw during heavy loads
  • XGT battery power allows for immediate start-up and eliminates the hassles of engine pull starts and managing proper fuel/oil mixing
  • Overload protection is designed to protect the motor from burnout in abnormally high torque applications
  • Adjustable blade guard facilitates cutting in low or upper wall zones
  • Rubberized front handle can be held in multiple positions for increased comfort at various cutting orientations
  • Belt-drive design provides smoother operation with lower vibration
  • Lock-off power switch requires two actions to start power
  • Large spindle lock button for easier wheel changes while wearing gloves

Above we can see a closer image of their large capacity 40V 8.0 ah battery. It is built for high demand applications such as the above mentioned 14″ power cutter for example. Ah or amp hours is a measurement of runtime capacity, so this 8.0 battery will run about two times longer than the XGT 40V Max 4.0 ah battery. Think of it as having a larger gas tank, about twice as big as the 4.0 ah. It reaches a full charge in 76 minutes or less with the XGT Rapid Optimum Charger DC40RA. According to Makita their XGT batteries are built for durability and have impact resistant outer cases, shock absorbing inner liners, rigid rails with impact resistant construction, and enhanced cooling systems to maximize battery life and durability. These batteries also feature digital monitoring that actively monitors to help prevent overloading, over-discharge, and overheating. One 8.0 ah battery is priced around $359.

  • Higher output power
  • Delivers up to 2 times longer run time* *Compared to BL4040
  • Battery charge level with 4 bright green L.E.D. indicators allows the user to clearly see charge level
  • Reaches full charge in 76 minutes or less
  • Enhanced cooling system is engineered to maximize battery life
  • XGT® batteries features an advanced design impact-resistant outer case and shock-absorbing inner-liner engineered to protect the battery in harsh jobsite environments
  • The digital communication within XGT® optimizes performance to provide up to 2X longer sustained power under heavy-load applications
  • XGT® Tools and Batteries are designed with a multi-layer contact interface for more constant power delivery to take on high-current demands
  • The digital communication within XGT® actively monitors and protects against overload, over-discharge and overheating
  • XGT® Batteries feature rigid rails with impact-resistant construction to secure the battery to the tool during high-demand applications
  • 3-year limited warranty

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