Makita Dual Voltage Rapid Charger DC18RE

I was looking through the Makita Australia website under their 12V CXT line and found a new Makita Charger model DC18RE. What’s interesting about this one is that it’s a dual voltage charger.

It can charge their 18V batteries along with the newer 12V CXT slide pack batteries. Dual voltage chargers are nothing new as Dewalt and Milwaukee have had them for their 12V and 18V cordless systems but never before has Makita had one. It’s also interesting to note that Bosch just recently announced their own dual voltage charger.

The website doesn’t say but I’m assuming it can only charge one battery at a time. It should be first in, first charged just like everyone elses dual voltage chargers. Also unlike modern chargers, I don’t see any mention of a built in USB port.

  • Ability to charge both 18V LXT and 12V MAX CXT battery platforms
  • Fast charging – charges 18V Li-Ion 3.0Ah battery in only 22 minutes
  • Built-in CPU – gathers information from the battery’s memory chip to determine optimum charging method
  • Forced air cooling fan – cools the battery to minimise charging time
  • LED power display identifies the condition of the battery and charging condition
12V MAX 1.5Ah Charge time 22mins
12V MAX 2.0Ah Charge time 30mins
12V MAX 4.0Ah Charge time 60mins
18V 1.5Ah Charge time 15mins
18V 3.0Ah Charge time 22mins
18V 4.0Ah Charge time 36mins
18V 5.0Ah Charge time 45mins
18V 6.0Ah Charge time 55mins
Cell Capacity 1.5Ah – 6.0Ah
Voltage 12V MAX and 18V

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  • glenn says:

    This is $199AUD and for comparison the Milwaukee dual voltage rapid charger is $133AUD. The Makita is a bit pricey, even for here, if they are wanting to encourage users to get into another voltage platform.

    • Javier says:

      I wonder why the Makita is more?
      Here’s something to think about, not sure about Australia but here in the USA they bundle the dual voltage chargers in all M18 kits

      • glenn says:

        Yes the do the same here as well. I think the smart move for Milwaukee would be to include the dual voltage rapid charger with he M18 kits and the standard dual voltage charger with the M12 kits. This would make it more tempting and easier for any Milwaukee tool owner to transition into owning both voltage tools.

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