Makita LXT 18V 3/8″ Crown Stapler XTS01

Makita_XTS01_Kit_Shot_500This is pretty much the electric version of the standard handheld man powered stapler except no cord because it uses Makita LXT 18V batteries. Why would you go electric if a hand stapler requires no power? For a couple of reasons, the main reason being speed. You can lay down staples much faster than a traditional hand powered stapler. The other reason would be less strain on your hands as you no longer have to squeeze the handle lever with each staple fire. A simple trigger press is all that’s needed on an electric stapler so you wont get tired as you would with a regular hand held stapler if you have to lay down a ton of staples.

It takes 3/8″ crown staples and T50 style staples in sizes from 1/4″ all the way up to 7/8″ in length. You would expect a cordless stapler to be bulky and heavy but its quite compact at 9-7/8″ in length and only 5.3 lbs in weight with the battery ofcourse. It has a viewing window at the end of the magazine to see if you’re low on staples and just like pneumatic nail guns it has an adjustment dial to set the depth of staples. This model seems to be the updated version of the BST221.

Makita_XTS01_Action_Shot_3_500 Makita_XTS01_Action_Shot_2_1500 Makita_XTS01_Action_Shot_1_500


  • Roger says:

    good write up Javier, looks like a nice bit of kit. I don’t own any Makita (yet) and I was planning on buying the Ryobi staple gun as I already own their brad nailer, this might be a good place to start the Makita collection though!

    • Javier says:

      Thanks Roger, one thing to keep in mind is that this uses T50 style staples not the long narrow crown staples. Ryobi has a similar model to this one but it’s an old model not the airstrike and is part of their older blue tools

      • Roger says:

        ah ok, thanks Javier. The Ryobi one i was thinking of is the new Airstrike 18g Narrow Crown Stapler, saw one the other week in my local Home Depot and would have picked one up but the wife has me on a ban from buying anymore tools unless i need them…lol shame there isn’t a similar ban on her buying shoes!!!

    • Javier says:

      Que tal amigo, por el momento es solo un preview del engrapador. Aqui en esta pagina vamos a ver mas herramientas en forma de noticias y previews y tambien los reviews de YouTube. Saludos Walter!

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