Makita TV100 Cordless 18V/14.4V/12V Portable TV Bluetooth Radio

Over in Japan, Makita has launched a very interesting portable media product with a new cordless television with their portable Makita TV100 18V TV set.

The Makita TV100 is a portable LCD television set with a screen size about the same as a tablet and it runs on several of their power tool batteries. It can run on Makita LXT 18V batteries, the CXT 12V batteries and also the Makita 14.4V batteries (not sold in the USA). It can also be plugged into AC with it’s included ac adapter. The set can display over the air radio with it’s built in antenna to receive local Japanese broadcast TV stations.

If it was only a portable TV it would be a great product however Makita didn’t stop there as they’ve also included “big” speakers great for music playback and it’s also a radio and has built in Bluetooth so you can use as a bluetooth speaker.

No word on when or if it will make it’s way to the USA but let’s hope it does as this would be very interesting to have for road trips and breaks.

A big thanks to Cody Robertson for spotting!

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Saw this somewhere a few days back and tried to find more info, but couldnt at the time. After I saw the Hitachi version a few months back I though what a great idea.

I am sure a lot of people will scoff at this as another folly by Makita but I think its great that are releasing niche things like this. Its not like they don’t produce a great range of other more mainstream tools.

If the price is right, I will probably seriously consider this if it becomes available where I live.


Forgot to add that apparently it has a 10″ screen, so that will give us an idea of its size.

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