Makita X2 18V 36V Leaf Blower Vacuum MUB363DPG2

A new Makita OPE product has been spotted, it’s the Makita X2 18V 36V Leaf Blower Vacuum MUB363DPG2.

What’s interesting about the Makita X2 18V 36V Leaf Blower Vacuum MUB363DPG2 is that it’s both a leaf blower and a leaf collector vacuum 2 in 1. This means you can blow or bag your leaves, it’s your choice.

It doesn’t take a complicated design to do so as the blower is basically a simple cyclone blower design and as we all know a blower has an intake end and an exhaust end with typical blowers only making use of the exhaust end to blow leaves. But if you think of it the intake end is basically a vacuum and slap a bag to this end and you end up with a leaf collector vacuum. Essentially that’s the same concept with this dual purpose blower vacuum. And just like all Makita X2 power tools, it takes two 18V batteries to operate and pump out 36 volts.

This design is not new but the 2 in 1 design is new for cordless, at least for Makita it is.

Keep in mind this was spotted in Japan so no word on if or when it will be released in the USA. As far as specs are concerned I could only find volume and speed specs in metric. The volume is 13.4 m3 / min as a blower and 12.7 m3 / min as a vacuum. The wind speed is 65 m / s maximum. I’m not sure how to accurately translate these into CFM and MPH so I can’t tell you how powerful it is or isn’t.

A big thanks to Cody Robertson for spotting!

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Conversions: 65 m/s = 145.4 mph, 13.4 m³/min = 473.2 cfm, 12.7 m³/min = 448.5 cfm

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