Metabo Cordless 36V Table Saw

What’s interesting about this news is that Metabo actually was first to come out with a cordless battery table saw except Dewalt beat them to the market with the release of the Dewatl 60V Flexvolt model. I’ve known about the Metabo cordless table saws existence since over a year ago but that’s all I knew, was that it existed. I didn’t have any actual evidence to show you guys. Evidence has surfaced and I can now show you guys some info on the new Metabo cordless table saw.

We have this info thanks to Facebook follower Oswanny D. who shared this info with us who shared the above pics along with tidbits of info. From the pictures above we can see that it is a cordless table saw and that it’s powered by a 36V battery. It also looks as though it has folding legs and two wheels built in.

Oswanny says it runs on 36V batteries and can also accept two 18V batteries similar to the Makita X2 set up. He also says that Metabo’s cordless table saw will run a 10 inch blade!! If true this bests Dewalt’s Flexvolt model that runs a 8-1/2″ blade.

I’m stoked and can’t wait for new info from Metabo to back up these claims.

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