Milwaukee Announces 4 New Cordless Lighting Solutions

Milwaukee announces 4 new cordless lighting solutions including the M18 Rocket LED Tower Light/Charger , the M12 ROVER LED Compact Flood Light , the M18™ LED Search Light , and a new version of the M18 RADIUS™ LED Compact Site Light w/ONE-KEY.

M18 Rocket LED Tower Light/Charger 2135-20 2135-21HD

2135-20_2_480px 2135-20_5_480px 2135-20_A_480px

The M18 Rocket LED Tower Light/Charger can be set up in 5-seconds, has 3 light settings and provides up to 3,000 Lumens of Trueview High Definition output, and for increased productivity, the Tower Light has an AC/DC input with an integrated M18 Charger. Supplying both task and area lighting, this tower light delivers multi-directional light through the use of 3 adjustable light heads and pivoting light head can be extended from 4-7’ to light overhead work or minimize shadows when casting light downward. Its portability provides increased efficiency on the jobsite, as it can collapse down to 40” for easy transport and storage. Its impact-resistant, reinforced legs and low center of gravity allow it to thrive in the toughest conditions.

MILWAUKEE-2135-20 – $399.00

from: Acme Tools

MILWAUKEE-2135-21HD – $549.00

from: Acme Tools

  • Can be set up in 5 seconds
  • 3,000 lumens of high-output light for both task and area
  • has 3 light settings
  • 3000 Lumens on high (4 hours of runtime)
  • 1700 Lumens on Medium (8.5 hours of runtime)
  • 900 Lumens on Low (17 hours of runtime)
  • 18 lbs.
  • New-to-world tri-fold head design for multi-directional light
  • Can charge any M18 battery through a built-in charger
  • Equipped with an M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH DEMAND 9.0 battery, it has a run-time of up to 17 hours
  • IPX4 rated
  • MSRP: $549 (kit) $399 (bare)
  • Available October 2016

M12 ROVER LED Compact Flood Light 2364-20

2364-20_3_480px 2364-20_2_480px 2364-20_B_480px 2364-20_E_480px

The M12 Rover LED Compact Flood Light is the ultimate light for on-the-go use, perfect for replacing 250w halogen for the trades that go jobsite to jobsite throughout the day like service MEP users as well as remodelers. The M12 Flood lights’ compact size paired with its integrated hanging features allow the user to get in, get out, and get going. Stick, clamp, hang, or carry it in multiple orientations, on almost anything. Has 3 light settings with up to 1000 lumens of brightness and up to 15 hours of runtime.

A durable high impact polycarbonate lens design can survive harsh jobsite conditions and, when paired with the Flood Light’s rubber over mold, can survive 9’ drops. Additionally, with an IP54 rating, the Flood Light is protected from dust and water. Similar to all of Milwaukee’s high output LED lights, the new Flood Light also features a limited lifetime LED warranty, and a 5-year warranty on the product.

MILWAUKEE-2364-20 – $79.00

from: Acme Tools

  • The most compact flood light
  • Stick, clamp, hang, carry it anywhere
  • Integrated magnets for metal studs, I-Beams, and job boxes
  • Spring loaded clamp for wood studs, scissor lifts, ladders, and job carts
  • 1000 lumens of light, replaces 250w halogen
  • 1000 Lumens on high (3.5 hours of runtime)
  • 400 Lumens on Medium (7.5 hours of runtime)
  • 200 Lumens on Low (15 hours of runtime)
  • 2.19 lbs
  • Up to 15 hours of runtime
  • Survives 9′ drops
  • $79
  • Available October 2016

M18 LED Search Light 2354-21 2354-20

2354-20_2_480px Milwaukee M18 Search light

The M18 search light will allow users to Spot Further and Flood Brighter. This light survives wet conditions for the users exposed to the outdoors, such as Power Utility and Farm & Ag users as well as the MRO user who needs a versatile light that has spot and flood mode. Its pivoting head provides 1200 lumens with 4 output modes and over 700y beam distance. IP54 rated for dust and water resistance. It has 4 modes: Spot, Flood, Spot/Flood, Strobe with a max 1250 lumens output and up to 7 hours of runtime.

The new M18 LED Search Light is the ideal solution for users who need to illuminate or spot an area at long distance or overhead, but also often need flood lighting for task work. With four modes to address a variety of lighting situations, just one of these Search Lights can do the job of two lights at once. A Spot Mode helps identify problems from afar; a patent-pending Spot Flood Mode assists in viewing issues from 700 yards but also provides a wider view of the surrounding area, reducing tripping hazards; a Flood Mode provides a broad beam for area and task lighting; and a Strobe Mode for communication and safety needs. A 198 degree head rotation gives users the flexibility to tilt the direction of the lens to where they need light most.

MILWAUKEE-2354-21 – $229.00

from: Acme Tools

  • Beam distance of more than 700 yards
  • 198 degree head rotation
  • 4 modes: Spot, Flood, Spot/Flood, Strobe
  • Up to 1250 lumens and 7 hours of run-time
  • Spot:                600 Lumens, 7 hours of run-time
  • Flood:              1200 Lumens, 4 hours of run-time
  • Spot/Flood:      1250 Lumens, 4 hours of run-time
  • Strobe:  1200 Lumens, 5 hours of run-time
  • Weight:            4.76 lbs
  • IP54 Ingress protected
  • All Weather Use Rating
  • $99 (bare) $229 (kit)
  • Available October 2016

M18 RADIUS LED Compact Site Light w/ONE-KEY 2146-20

2146-20_3_480px 2146-20_D_480px

Aptly named for its ability to fill an entire workspace with 360 degrees of light, this new high-output area light provides maximum coverage for task, area, or overhead applications. Customizable through ONE-KEY, users can access the light remotely through the app when it’s in overhead or hard-to-reach locations, optimize the brightness and runtime, and program automatic schedules. Users will also be able to track and manage the light through the ONE-KEY app.  It has 3 brightness settings with a max brightness of 4,400 lumens and a max runtime of up to 8 hours.

Through ONE-KEY, users will be able to customize, track, and manage their new Site Light. Unlimited Tool Customization allows users to use their phone as a remote control for the light. With the ability to completely control its operation from their phone, users simply set the light and won’t need to access it again until moving it to the next job. From a 50ft range, users can take advantage of three different fully customizable adjustments:
  • Optimize Brightness
    • Optimize the light to provide the right output for the job at hand, and check the remaining battery charge to adjust for conserved runtime.
  • Adjust Light Direction
    • For the most complete control over light positioning, adjust the light’s direction left or right 180 degrees with Electronic Bay Switches that can be adjusted through the app.
  • Program Automatic Schedules
    • For increased productivity, the Site Light has an AC/DC input and output. When the light is running on AC power, set it to run for a specific amount of time (30, 60, or 90 minutes, or a custom length). Alternatively, program specific start and end times and build a schedule to accommodate the hours the light is needed most.

Once a command is made, the light keeps memory of that setting until the user makes a new change.

The ONE-KEY Integrated Tool Tracking functionality will make tracking the Site Light as easy as pulling out a phone, allowing users to identify where and when their light was last seen. Records and locations will update when any device with the ONE-KEY app comes within 100ft of the Site Light, allowing the user to quickly pinpoint missing lights. With users will also have a central place to take inventory of their Site Light and all other tools and equipment, and keep detailed records of all inventory to easily build a budget and manage spend.

MILWAUKEE-2146-20 – $349.00

from: Acme Tools

  • Remote connectivity through the One-Key app
  • Program automatic schedules and optimize brightness and run-time
  • Set light remotely from 50ft
  • AC pass through to string multiple lights together
  • 4400 lumens and up to 10 hours of runtime
  • 3 brightness settings
  • 4400 Lumens on high (2 hours of runtime)
  • 2100 Lumens on Medium (4 hours of runtime)
  • 1000 Lumens on Low (8 hours of runtime)
  • 10.7 lbs.
  • IP54 rated
  • $349
  • Available October 2016

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