New Milwaukee M12 AXIS Heated Jackets and Vests 2018 Plus All Heated Gear Gets Upgraded

Not only was Milwaukee the first power tool company to deliver heated gear powered by their power tool batteries, they’ve been making sure to update and come out with new heated gear year after year since. This 2018 year is no different as Milwaukee announced that they will be releasing new heated gear under the AXIS name which includes AXIS branded heated jackets and vests powered by their M12 batteries. The news doesn’t end there as all their current heated gear gets upgraded for 2018 and everything is said to heat up 3x faster!

Milwaukee M12 Heated AXIS Jackets and Vests

Milwaukee’s newest additions to the Heated Gear line are the M12 Heated AXIS Jackets and Vests. A hybrid construction featuring the new AXIS Ripstop Polyester provides a lightweight, compressible design that can be used as an outer shell or a mid-layer, and protects the wearer from wind and water. Just like the M12 Heated TOUGHSHELL Jackets and Hoodies, these new AXIS jackets and vests are powered by M12 REDLITHIUM Battery technology. A new Quick-Heat function lets users feel the heat 3X faster, distributing heat to the chest, back and shoulders of the jackets and the chest and back of the vests. The jackets’ heated shoulders are particularly beneficial in extreme cold conditions or during layering to allow for additional heat dispersion. Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes, each will ship with the M12™ Compact Charger and Portable Power Source for ideal on-the-go charging via micro-USB in wall outlets, vehicles, or computers.

Milwaukee Heated Gear Season 9 Models

M12™ Heated AXIS™ Jackets and Vests – NEW!

  1. M12™ Heated AXIS™ Jacket (203B-20 Bare & 203B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
    1. $219 (kit); $169 (bare)
  2. M12™ Women’s Heated AXIS™ Jacket (233B-20 Bare & 233B-21 Kit): Sizes S-2X
    1. $219 (kit); $169 (bare)
  3. M12™ Heated AXIS™ Vest (303B-20 Bare & 303B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
    1. $169 (kit); $119 (bare)
  4. M12™ Women’s Heated AXIS™ Vest (333B-20 Bare & 333B-21 Kit): Sizes S-2X
    1. $169 (kit); $119 (bare)

M12™ Heated Jackets – Updated!

  1. M12™ Red Heated TOUGHSHELL™ Jacket (202R-20 Bare & 202R-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
    1. $199 (kit); $149 (bare)
  2. M12™ Black Heated TOUGHSHELL™ Jacket (202B-20 Bare & 202B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
    1. $199 (kit); $149 (bare)
  3. M12™ Heated QUIETSHELL Jacket – Realtree EDGE® camo (222C-20 Bare & 222C-21 Kit); Sizes S-3X
    1. $219 (kit); $169 (bare)

M12™ Heated Hoodies – Updated!

  1. M12™ Gray Heated Hoodie (302G-20 Bare & 302G-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
    1. $149 (kit); $99 (bare)
  2. M12™ Black Heated Hoodie (302B-20 Bare & 302B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
    1. $149 (kit); $99 (bare)
  3. M12™ Red Heated Hoodie (302R-20 Bare & 302R-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X
    1. $149 (kit); $99 (bare)

M12™ Heated Hand Warmers

  1. M12™ Camo Heated Hand Warmer (2321-20 Bare & 2321-21 Kit)
    1. $79 (kit); $49 (bare)
  2. M12™ Black Heated Hand Warmer (2322-20 Bare & 2322-21 Kit)
    1. $79 (kit); $49 (bare)

REDLITHIUM™ USB Heated Gloves (561-21): Sizes M – XL – NEW!

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