Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Size Chart

I know it’s dificult to purchase clothing over the internet and I was in this same problem the first time I purchased my Milwaukee heated jacket, but instead of guessing which size would fit me best, I used this same exact sizing chart shown below.

Simply compare your measurements to the chart and choose the best fit for you. Remember that getting the correct size for you will give you the greatest heating benefits because you can only feel the heat of the heated jackets if the heating elements make contact with your body. If the jacket is loose fitting, you won’t feel any heat.

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Size Chart


If you found this sizing chart and my YouTube video review helpful, please feel free to support my hard work by visiting the link below to purchase a heated jacket or hoodie from Acme Tools using the link below. Thanks.

Click here to purchase Milwaukee M12 Heated Gear from Acme Tools

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Tommy Armstrong

Hi. Are the arm lengths any different between say Medium and Large? Thanks.

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