Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum – Portable Handheld 18V Canister Vac

Milwaukee just announced a new vacuum to their ever growing and expanding M18 18 volt line with the Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum 0882-20 .


Milwaukee currently has a portable M18 Vac so why the new model? The Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum is different from the current M18 Vac as it is more compact making it more portable. It’s designed as a hand held canister vac and although different in shape than the M12 Vac, it appears to offer the same functionality for quick pick ups in a larger size yet more compact form than the current M18 vac.

Also like the M12 vac, the Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum is a dry pick up only vac with an emphasis on portability. It also has a see through window that shows the contents of the canister.


And because the Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum includes 2 extensions along with the easy one handed design, it makes the Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum better suited for floor cleanups.

It’s canister is not the 2 gallon capacity of the current M18 Vac as it has a 36 ounce capacity but it’s form factor is only slightly larger than the M12 vac.

Runtime is expected to be up 25 minutes when used with an M18 XC 5.0 and users can expect up to 43 minutes with the new M18 High Demand 9.0 ah batteries.

The new Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum will be sold along side the current M18 wet dry vacuum to give users options to better fit their needs. The new Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum is also priced the same as the current M18 vacuum at $99 and comes as a baretool only meaning no battery or charger are included. It does however include 2 extensions, a crevice nozze, a 4 foot hose, and a floor nozzle.

Click here to purchase at Acme Tools

MILWAUKEE-0882-20 – $99.00

from: Acme Tools

Quick Reference

Model Number: 0882-20
MSRP: $99
Availability: November 2016


  • 4’ Hose
  • (2) Extensions
  • Crevice Tool
  • Floor Tool


Air Volume                    40 CFM
Inlet Diameter                1-1/4”
Canister Volume            36oz
Filter:                            Removable HEPA
Weight                          4.3lbs

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