Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Battery Blower 2824-20 Has 600 CFM @ 145 MPH!

Milwaukee just announced their third M18 Fuel leaf blower and it’s their most powerful yet with the M18 FUEL dual battery blower model 2824-20. We can expect it to launch in August 2022 for $299 as a baretool.

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I’ve always been impressed with what Milwaukee’s been able to push out in terms of raw performance out of the 18 volt system. They’ve been able to make tools as powerful as higher voltage systems. The first Gen M18 Fuel blower had the best in class 18V performance at time of launch with 450 CFM at 100 MPH which rivaled older higher voltage blowers. The Gen 2 model kept the same 450 CFM but at a faster 120 MPH to keep it competitive within the 18 volt category all the while there were much more powerful blowers using higher voltage. It may be that Milwaukee could do all it could with 18 volt power when it came to leaf blowers as this model is a dual battery blower meaning it’s probably putting out 36 volts. Milwaukee says it requires two batteries to operate. This helps it to provide better performance and now can hang with the higher voltage leaf blowers as it has 600 CFM at 145 MPH! That makes it similar performance to 56 volt blowers like those from Ego. It doesn’t outdo higher voltage blowers but it does reach their level of performance as there are still stronger units on the market but it does showcase what Milwaukee can do. Though the top spec stats won’t outdo the top battery powered blowers in the industry, Milwaukee does say that their “dual battery blower delivers the highest constant power of all handheld solutions on the market. Unlike other units, the blower delivers an output of 17.7 Newtons and maintains that power level throughout the full discharge of the battery without drop-off.” They also say that you can reach full throttle in less than a second. One thing I like about Milwaukee’s model is that they don’t make you “jump through hoops” to get max performance. You can press the regular trigger full speed to get max power out of the blower. No other steps required. Other brands like Ego limit performance on their trigger and you have to use a separate “turbo” button to reach max performance. Just keep in mind that using full performance on any blower including Milwaukee’s will quickly deplete it’s batteries so you might want to save full power until you actually need it.

Above you can see the rear dual battery bay (batteries not included). You can also see the variable speed lock on lever for cruise control and the regular trigger just below that. We can also see a built into the blower 4 bar battery gauge in front of the handle facing the user. Besides the blower tube, this model also comes with two nozzles included with a flat nozzle and a tapered nozzle. Milwaukee says this blower is rated at 64 decibels of loudness.

One thing I would have liked to have seen on this new dual battery model that was on the Gen 2 blower, is two selectable speeds. I still have the original M18 Fuel blower and even with 450 CFM and 100 MPH, it’s still strong and would be great to use speed one to limit the Dual battery blower and use speed two if you want to unleash full performance. That’s how their original string trimmer is and I rarely use speed two as speed one is still plenty strong and save speed two for very difficult stuff. My biggest negative for this new M18 Fuel dual battery blower is the price as it’s priced at $299 and that’s just for the bare tool. Just as a comparison, you can get an Ego 56V brushless blower for $249 which is not only $50 less than the Milwaukee but it’s also stronger at a max 615 CFM and 170 MPH and you get a battery and a charger!

  • Maximum Air Volume: 600 CFM
  • Maximum Air Speed: 145 MPH
  • Maximum Blowing Force: 17.7 Newtons
  • Noise Rating: 64 dB(A) – per ANSI B175.2
  • Ambidextrous Variable Speed Lock On: Yes
  • Length (Tool-Only): 34.1”
  • Weight (Tool-Only): 6.0 lbs
  • Includes: (1) M18 FUEL™ Dual Battery Blower; (1) Flat Nozzle; (1) Tapered Nozzle

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