Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY 2874-22HD – Industry’s First Cordless Pipe Threader

Milwaukee just announced the industry’s first cordless pipe threader with their very own Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY 2874-22HD. They didn’t just make it cordless but added a FUEL brushless motor, One-Key and AUTOSTOP Kickback Control technology which kicks in during lock-up situations and automatically shuts down the tool for user safety. It will be available July 2019. Check out the full press release below for all the deets.

MILWAUKEE, WI- Harnessing the power, performance, and run-time delivered by M18 FUEL™ technology*, Milwaukee® has developed the industry’s first cordless pipe threader. The M18 FUEL™ Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY™ revolutionizes the pipe threading process by delivering unprecedented control for the user. With AUTOSTOP™ technology, which senses severe kickback and automatically shuts the tool off, a dedicated support arm to hold the tool stationary during threading, and an integrated die head lock that enables side-grip thread starts, this new tool provides a threading experience that’s unmatched by corded, and eliminates the need for cheater bars, ropes, or pipe wrench supports.

“Since its inception a little over 10 years ago, M18™ cordless technology has continued to push the boundaries of 18V capability, allowing us to develop tools with the performance to replace some of the longest-held corded tools. The introduction of the first cordless pipe threader is a monumental achievement for the M18™ System and a huge step forward in productivity for tradesmen,” said Alex Boll, Senior Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Through our advanced M18 FUEL™ cordless technology, we’re able to deliver a cordless pipe threader that not only surpasses the speed of corded but does so while being lighter than the leading corded solution and offering unmatched control, simplifying the entire experience from start to finish.”

One of the most common frustrations with corded threaders is over-rotation, which can lead to loss of control and potential injury. To prevent this, the M18 FUEL™ Threader w/ ONE-KEY™ features proprietary AUTOSTOP™ Kickback Control technology which kicks in during lock-up situations and automatically shuts down the tool. A dedicated support arm can also be clamped on the pipe to hold the tool stationary while threading. Additionally, an integrated die head retention lock prevents unwanted die head ejection. This feature, combined with an in-line side grip, eliminates the need to contact the spinning die head at the start of a thread.

When equipped with Milwaukee’s M18™ REDLITHIUM™ Battery technology, the tool eliminates the hassle of cords and delivers the power to thread up to 2” black iron pipe, stainless steel, and rigid metal conduit. In conjunction with REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence and the POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor, the M18™ REDLITHIUM™ Battery allows users to push the pipe threader hard and work all day – delivering more work-per-charge than any other professional power tool system.

As an added benefit, through ONE-KEY™** this is the first pipe threader that can be wirelessly tracked, managed, and secured.

Milwaukee is committed to improving productivity by providing performance-driven and trade-focused solutions so users can perform an entire day’s work on one battery system. The new M18 FUEL™ Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY™ is fully compatible with the entire M18™ line, now offering more than 180 power tool products, and is a true testament to Milwaukee’s focus on investing in game-changing technology that truly delivers breakthrough solutions for users.

* M18 FUEL™ is engineered for the most demanding tradesmen in the world. Delivering unrivaled performance, all M18 FUEL™ products feature three Milwaukee®-exclusive innovations—The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor, REDLITHIUM™ Battery Pack and REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence Hardware and Software—that deliver unmatched power, run-time and durability on the jobsite. Simply put, M18 FUEL™ tools are the most powerful 18V cordless tools in their class.

**ONE-KEY™ is the first digital platform for tools and equipment. By integrating industry-leading tool electronics with a custom-built cloud-based program, ONE-KEY™ provides a new level of control and access to information that revolutionizes the way work gets done. The ability to customize, track, and manage through ONE-KEY™ fundamentally changes the way users interact with their tools.


M18 FUEL™ Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY (2874-22HD)

  • Pipe Capacity: 1/8” – 2”
  • Tool Length (w/ HD12.0 Battery): 29.8”
  • Tool Weight (w/ HD12.0 battery): 25.6 lbs
  • Die Head Compatibility: Ridgid 12-R, Reed R12+
  • 2” BIP Threads On Single Charge: >25
  • Auto-Stop Kickback Control: Yes
  • Side Grip Thread Start: Yes
  • Multi-speed Selector: Yes
  • Offset Die Head: Yes
  • Die Head Retention Lock: Yes
  • Variable Speed Trigger: Yes
  • One-Key: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Includes M18 FUEL™ Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY™, (2) M18™ REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ HD12.0 Battery Packs, M18™ and M12™ Rapid Charger, (1) Threading Support Arm, and Carrying Case.

*Also available as a bare tool (2874-20)

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I’m impressed, but Milwaukee’s usual marketing wank is a turnoff as always. It is a damn impressive tool for sure, probably will have one on my truck sooner or later, but to say it’s unmatched by corded is a joke. For starters, nobody likes hand threaders. They’re invaluable now and then, but nobody is going to scrap their rolling Ridgid pipe threader that cuts, reams, and threads by rotating the pipe with a pedal. Hand threaders are cumbersome, easy to screw up by leaving the alignment to human judgement, and torquey as hell. Again, that this has been invented is… Read more »

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