Milwaukee One Key App now available

Milwaukee’s biggest announcement this year at the new product symposium 2015 is arguably their new One Key technology. This new platform uses software in the form of a downloadable app to your mobile device that can do 3 key features which are tool control, inventory management, and tool reporting AND the app can connect with One Key compatible power tools via a bluetooth wireless connection.

The app is out now to give users these 3 key features and is available in the Google Play store for android and the App Store for iPhone and iPad iOS devices. Although the app gives you all 3 features, users will have to wait for One Key compatible devices to use the tool control and tool reporting features of the app. The good news is that users can immediately take advantage of the inventory management feature. This feature can keep track and form an inventory of all your tools, Milwaukee One Key compatible or not, whether power tool or hand tools, and is not limited to only Milwaukee branded tools as users can input other manufactures tools as well. So whether your tool collection is all red or all a competing brands color, or a rainbow assortment of colors, the Milwaukee One Key app can keep track and inventory all your tools.

I downloaded the One key app on my android smartphone and got to tinker with it. After installing you have to set up a new account with Milwaukee to be able to use the app, bummer for those that want to stay anonymous. I was able to add my M12 multitool in my inventory and even give it a location of where it’s located. Some neat features so far are the ability to inventory the tool and report on its status (available, missing, damaged). You can also enter purchase info such as purchase date, purchase location, value amount, and take photos of the purchase receipt for tax, return, and warranty purposes.

The first One Key compatible power tool will be the M18 Force Logic crimper 2678-22BG and will be available 2015 for the tool reporting feature and the first wave One Key compatible power tools with tool control capability will be available in early 2016 with their new M18 Fuel drills and impact drivers.

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