Milwaukee One Key Gets Upgraded with New Tool Security Feature

Milwaukee launched a nice upgrade to the One Key system with new integrated tool security. The new integrated tool security works in conjunction with tool tracking for added theft protection.

You can lock out your tool so nobody else can use your One Key enabled power tool. Now you can lock both the trigger and the One Key Foot pad so nobody will be able to operate the tool but you. If a tool is lost or stolen, users can also render it useless by sending a remote command to the tool to shut itself off the next time it comes within range of any open ONE KEY app.

Worried about other people with the One Key app being able to spot and find your tool locations? Worry no more with the ability to hide your Milwaukee One Key tools from the view of other users and make it so only you the owner of the tool can spot it using the One Key app.

For more info on the full range of One Key features, visit

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