Milwaukee PACKOUT Crate 48-22-8440

Milwaukee has just announced a new addition to their modular Packout tool box storage system with a new Packout crate. The crate is basically an open top tool box with slots on the top sides for handle grips. The open top design means that has the convenience to easily reach in to gather contents without a lid to get in the way. Unlike most crates, the walls are solid and you cannot see the contents when viewed from the side. It will be available in November 2019 for $39.99. Check out the full details below in the Full Press release.

MILWAUKEE, WI—Milwaukee Tool continues to revolutionize tool transportation, organization, and storage for the trades with the addition of a PACKOUT™ Crate to their widely popular PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System*. PACKOUT™ is not only the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry, it is also the largest. Through an intuitive and quick attachment mechanism, the new PACKOUT™ Crate provides users an additional storage option to stack within existing PACKOUT™ systems.

Constructed of impact resistant polymer and equipped with a 50lb weight capacity, the PACKOUT™ Crate offers maximum durability and easily connects to all Milwaukee® PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System products.  With rear hanging points for vertical use and top attachments for stacking full-width PACKOUT™ components, the crate provides users with multiple mounting options.

With the addition of the PACKOUT™ Crate, the Milwaukee® PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System now has 19 different pieces for users to choose from to build out their custom storage solution – making PACKOUT™ the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry.

*The PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System is the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry. An intuitive and quick attachment mechanism gives users the freedom to stack and lock PACKOUT™ tool boxes, organizers, totes, and bags of different sizes in numerous configurations that best suit their needs. For more information visit

PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System

  • Tool Boxes
    • PACKOUT™ Rolling Tool Box                                                48-22-8426
    • PACKOUT™ Large Tool Box                                                  48-22-8425
    • PACKOUT™ Tool Box                                                            48-22-8424
  • Tool Case
    • PACKOUT™ Tool Case w/ Customizable Foam Insert          48-22-8450
  • Organizers
    • PACKOUT™ Organizer                                                          48-22-8430
    • PACKOUT™ Compact Organizer                                           48-22-8435
    • PACKOUT™ Low-Profile Organizer                                       48-22-8431
    • PACKOUT™ Compact Low-Profile Organizer                        48-22-8436
  • Storage Totes
    • PACKOUT™ 20” Tote                                                             48-22-8320
    • PACKOUT™ 15” Tote                                                             48-22-8315
    • PACKOUT™ 10” Tote                                                             48-22-8310
  • Tool Bags
    • PACKOUT™ 15” Tool Bag                                                      48-22-8321
    • PACKOUT™ 20” Tool Bag                                                      48-22-8322
    • PACKOUT™ Tech Bag                                                           48-22-8300
  • Backpacks
    • PACKOUT™ Backpack                                                          48-22-8301
  • Coolers
    • PACKOUT™ Cooler                                                               48-22-8302
  • Foam Inserts
    • Customizable Foam Insert (Fits 8424, 8425, 8450)               48-22-8451
  • Dolly
    • PACKOUT™ Dolly                                                                  48-22-8410
  • Mounting Plates
    • PACKOUT™ Mounting Plate                                                  48-22-8485
  • Crates
    • PACKOUT™ Crate                                                                 48-22-8440—NEW!

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Seems like r&d ran out of creative juices on this one, or something. Low weight capacity, weirdly smaller than the rest of packout, much smaller than ToughSystem and rigid totes, over twice the price of the rigid tote, and zero of the features that make the ToughSystem tote so awesome like the top handle and lowered lip that lets you access contents while underneath another box.