Milwaukee Tape Measures with Auto Lock

I was excited years back when I learned Milwaukee introduced new tape measures and they delivered on the goods with great tape measures however I was a bit let down by the fact that there weren’t any self locking models. I use only self locking tape measures, except for my keychain model of which there aren’t any self locking keychain models yet, so you can see my frustration. However Milwaukee recently announced new tape measures with Auto-Lock which are self locking tape measures, hooray! For now they will be available in 16ft, 25ft, 5m/16ft, 8m/26ft sizes.

The new Milwaukee Tape Measures with Auto Lock work just like the name suggests and lock automatically when extended. For me this makes things much easier as I don’t need to fumble around with the locking button after extending the tape. The onboard button then retracts the tape back in place when you are done, simple enough!

The blade uses their proprietary Nylon Bond Blade Protection, and the body with a 5-point reinforced frame for drop protection. The blade hook isn’t the largest but larger than basic tapes and even has tips on the front read side to be able to hook from the front along with the back.

All they need to offer now are a new keychain model with auto-lock.

Models Available:

  • 16’ Tape Measure with Auto-Lock (48-22-6816) $10.99
  • 25’ Tape Measure with Auto-Lock (48-22-6825) $14.99
  • 5m/16’ Tape Measure with Auto-Lock (48-22-6817) $10.99
  • 8m/26’ Tape Measure with Auto-Lock (48-22-6826) $14.99

Availability: May 2018

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