Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Heated WORKSKIN Midweight Base Layer 405B-21

Summer is hear and while most of us are looking to keep cool, Milwaukee is announcing a new product to keep you warm with the Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Heated WORKSKIN Midweight Base Layer 405B-21. It may seem a bit odd to announce heated gear during the summer heat but this happens most every year to build anticipation for the cooler months at the end of the year.

Rather than being heated gear placed over your shirt, the new heated gear starts at the bottom as a base layer. It’s also powered by their Redlithium USB batteries which are smaller and more compact than traditional M12 batteries for less bulk. It will be available in August 2020. Check out the full press release below for all the deets!

MILWAUKEE, WI – This fall, Milwaukee Tool is expanding their lineup of Heated Gear* with the introduction of the USB Rechargeable Heated WORKSKIN™ Midweight Base Layer. Built to be worn alone or easily layered underneath common jobsite apparel, the new base layer combines the comfort of workwear with Milwaukee’s industry-leading heated gear technology to provide users with an all-in-one heated solution.

For versatility and total body warmth, the Heated WORKSKIN™ Midweight Base Layer is powered by the REDLITHIUM™ USB** 3.0AH Battery with carbon fiber heating elements for even heat distribution throughout the chest and upper back. A one-touch LED controller allows users to select from two heat settings for ideal heat in any environment and a quick-heat function provides heat 3X faster. Constructed with a double-lined polyester body, fleece-lined arms, raglan sleeves, and seamless shoulders, the Heated WORKSKIN™ Midweight Base Layer equips users with a midweight heated layer, while maintaining an improved range of motion and comfort.

USB Rechargeable Base Layers

1. USB Rechargeable Heated WORKSKIN™ Midweight Base Layer (405B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X – NEW!

Also New This Year

Along with the new USB Rechargeable Heated WORKSKIN™ Midweight Base Layer, Milwaukee® has also made some updates to their heated gear lineup for this fall. New to the heated gear lineup, the M12™ Heated Hoodie is now available in Navy Blue, in addition to the Gray, Black, and Red color offerings. The M12™ Heated Hoodies use carbon fiber heating elements to create and distribute heat to the chest and back. A Quick-Heat function helps deliver heat 3X faster than before, fully heating up the hoodie faster than other heated gear on the market. Combining a durable cotton/polyester exterior with a waffle weave thermal lining, these hoodies provide a versatile solution to keep heat in and allow users to shed bulky layers. The heated hoodies will continue to feature 3 heat settings, up to 6 hours of run-time, a fitted hood for use under a hard hat, and a rib knit waist and cuff.

Milwaukee‘s REDLITHIUM™ USB and M12™ Heated Gear provide the versatility, durability, utility, and comfort for use in cold conditions and all outdoor environments. For more information on Milwaukee Heated Gear or to view the entire line as the 2020 launch nears, please visit

*Milwaukee® Heated Gear: Powered by M12™ REDLITHIUM™ or REDLITHIUM™ USB Battery Technology, Milwaukee® Heated Gear distributes heat across core body areas. Durable carbon fiber heating elements woven in between rugged exterior materials and thermal insulating liners generate and maintain heat to reduce the need for bulky layers. Multiple heat settings allow the user to select the right amount of warmth for all weather conditions. All Milwaukee® Heated Gear is fully machine washable and dryable for extended use.  

**REDLITHIUM™ USB  provides users rechargeable convenience and performance where maintaining a compact size is critical, and eliminates the downtime associated with other rechargeable solutions due to slow charge speed or integrated batteries. Capable of being charged either in the product or in a separate charger, and with a 3X faster charge time, users can get back to work more quickly. REDLITHIUM™ USB eliminates the dependency on disposable batteries in applications that require extended use.

Milwaukee Heated Gear

M12™ Heated Jackets

1. M12™ Heated TOUGHSHELL™ Jacket – Red (202R-20 Bare & 202R-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X

2. M12™ Heated TOUGHSHELL™ Jacket – Black (202B-20 Bare & 202B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X

3. M12™ Heated TOUGHSHELL™ Jacket – Gray (202G-20 Bare & 202G-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X

4. M12™ Heated QUIETSHELL Jacket – Realtree EDGE® Camo (222C-20 Bare & 222C-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X

5. M12™ Women’s Heated SOFTSHELL Jacket (232B-20 Bare & 232B-21 Kit): Sizes S-2X

M12™ Heated AXIS™ Jackets and Vests

1. M12™ Heated AXIS™ Jacket – Black (203B-20 Bare & 203B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X

2. M12™ Heated AXIS™ Jacket – Olive-Green (203OG-20 Bare & 203OG-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X 3. M12™ Women’s Heated AXIS™ Jacket (233B-20 Bare & 233B-21 Kit): Sizes S-2X

4. M12™ Heated AXIS™ Vest (303B-20 Bare & 303B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X

5. M12™ Women’s Heated AXIS™ Vest (333B-20 Bare & 333B-21 Kit): Sizes S-2X

6. M12™ Heated AXIS™ Layering System w/ HYDROBREAK™ Rain Shell (203RN-21): Sizes S-3X)

7. M12™ Heated AXIS™ Layering System w/ GRIDIRON™ Work Shell (255B-21): Sizes S-3X

M12™ Heated Hoodies

1. M12™ Heated Hoodie – Gray (302G-20 Bare & 302G-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X

2. M12™ Heated Hoodie – Black (302B-20 Bare & 302B-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X

3. M12™ Heated Hoodie – Red (302R-20 Bare & 302R-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X

4. M12™ Heated Hoodie – Navy (302BL-20 Bare & 302BL-21 Kit): Sizes S-3X – NEW!

USB Rechargeable Gloves

1. USB Rechargeable Heated Gloves (561-21 Kit): Sizes M-XL

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