New AEG 18V OPE – String Trimmer / Chainsaw / Garden Blower

Over in AEG of Australia, there have been 3 new cordless 18V outdoor power equipment spotted and they include a garden blower, string trimmer, and chainsaw.

This is interesting because up to this point, there haven’t really been any outdoor power equipment tools in the Ridgid 18V range, yes I said Ridgid and that’s because Ridgid and AEG are the same thing, just different names in different parts of the world. Ridgid in the USA and AEG everywhere else.

The new cordless 18V outdoor power equipment from Ridgid/AEG doesn’t surprise because I had a feeling they would come out with some soon. This is because their recent 18V jobsite blower looked strikingly similar to traditional cordless leaf blowers, and it worked pretty well as a leaf blower.

The new “Garden” Blower is basically the current jobsite blower unit but with a new extension tube. It’s looks like that’s all they did was add an extension tube, and the extension piece is a separate part!



  • Axial fan design for efficient air-flow
  • Variable speed trigger for matching the airflow to the application
  • Extension tube to push airflow close to material
  • Lightweight, compact design for user convenience and reduced fatigue
  • Quiet operation for use in noise-sensitive environments
  • Max air velocity 160 kilometers per hour
  • Max air volume 8.2 m³/min


  • 18V Garden Blower
  • 18V 6.0Ah Pro Lithium Battery
  • 18V Multi Chemistry Charger


AEG’s 18V Brushless Chainsaw is the ideal saw for medium duty applications and where a small portable chainsaw is needed. The saw is powered by the latest brushless motor technology for longer runtime with less maintenance. As with all the tools in the AEG 18V Garden range it will be available as a skin and also as a kit with a 6.0Ah battery and charger.

All the AEG 18V Garden Range is fully compatible with the batteries and chargers you already own.


  • Compact size and lightweight design that’s ideal for small to medium duty applications
  • 12″ Bar with 10.5 m/sec chain speed to clear material quickly
  • Durable, tooled chain tensioning system with on-board storage for chain-tensioning tool
  • Automatic chain lubrication for prolonging bar and chain life
  • Integrated belt-hook for convenience and portability
  • weight: 2.8kg
  • chain speed 10.5m/second


AEG’s 18V Line Trimmer delivers power and portability and contains the latest brushless motor technology for longer runtime with less maintenance. It will be available as a skin and also as a kit with a 6.0Ah battery and charger.

All the AEG 18V Garden Range is fully compatible with the batteries and chargers you already own.


  • Rear mounted outer rotor motor providing greater tool balance and maximum torque for tough applications
  • 2-Speed settings with variable speed trigger gives you the flexibility to match the speed to the application
  • Aluminium split-shaft design for light-weight durability and compact storage
  • Easy-wind, bump head design for quick line distribution and easy line replenishment
  • Machine-cut gears for reduced vibration and added durability
  • Potted electronics to protect and extend the life of the electronic components
  • cutting path 33omm
  • weight 3.7kg
  • line diameter 2.4mm
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When is the string trimmer suppose to come out?


They are already available in Australia. Comes as a kit, or a skin as well as a combo kit with a blower. Price here is $279 for skin, $399 for kit and $499 for combo kit.

Frank B.

For some reason Ridgid refuses to offer many tools that AEG, Milwaukee, and others already sell. I’m willing to bet those lawn tools alone would sell off the shelves if given a chance!


how can I get on the “let me know when” list? I really need a cordless weedeater and would love all my things to have interchangeable batteries and charger plus I love the performance of these two drills I have

Mike Austin

Please hurry up and bring out the lawn trimmer, hopefully it can be a Christmas present


Looking for your weed trimmer….but I need it NOW! Hurry


Im begging to think this is not ever going to happen in the U.S.


I have five Ridgid tools and five batteries wanting to use your new weed trimmer. We are dedicated users and want the weed trimmer ASAP.


AM I really going to have to exchange all my rigid battery operated tools, both type drills, saw zaw, grinder, finish nail gun, circular saw, flashlight, an unopened extra two pack of batteries for the Milwaukee tools, just to get a weed trimmer.


I like rigid tools and planned to buy more. I Thought I’d be using these tools for years to come. I’ve been seeing photos of it for over a year. Every other has the weed eater option. What’s the problem?

chuck virnig

I absolutely love all my ridgid tools I have. In fact, I sold all my Milwaukee, dewalt and Makita cordless tools and am going with all ridgid. With that being said, when can I get the new weed trimmer and do I order it on line or get it at my nearest home depot?


Can’t believe these guys are dragging their bag on yard tools. Going to force people in to other manufactures…. Like Ryobi they have EVERYTHING


Do you know if the 40 v lithium battery for the Ryobi 40 v yard tool will fit in a HF lithium charger?


When is it, the weed trimmer, going to be available?


My husband loves his RIGDID tools and the interchangeable batteries. I wanted to get him a cordless RIDGID trimmer; I guess I’m S.O.L., and from what I’ve been reading, RIDGID has lost a boatload of money.

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