New Black + Decker Smartech 20V Max Bluetooth Connected Batteries

  • By Javier
  • April 20, 2016
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Along with sibling company Dewalt, Black + Decker is also joining the bluetooth connected fun with their own set of Smart bluetooth connected 20V Max batteries. They call this new bluetooth connectivity “Smartech” and it is built into specially marked Smartech Batteries and on certain products from their Home Product line, which includes cordless appliances with built in rechargeable batteries, such as their cordless canister and stick vacs.

Part of the Smartech features for their 20V Smartech batteries are as follows:

  • Battery state of charge
  • Battery health
  • Battery locate
  • Remote locking/unlocking so battery and tool can’t be used
  • Built in USB port for charging mobile devices like cell phones and tablets

To access these features, Black and Decker provides a free Smartech app for both iOS and Android smartphone users to connect to their Smartech capable batteries and or home products with built in batteries.

Their 20V Max bluetooth connected batteries are backwards compatible with all 20V power tools including the Black + Decker cordless outdoor power tools.


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