New Bosch 18V tools- Sander & Screwdriver

New Bosch 18V sander and screwdriver. I haven’t seen these before in their lineup, the screwdriver is just like the ones you find in most 12V lines which is a drill/driver without a traditional chuck and instead uses a 1/4″ hex chuck similar to those found on impact drivers for easy and simple bit changes. The sander is a cordless orbital sander and claims to be the first cordless quarter sheet sander in the world. 121331-94700-830x478These use regular sheets of sand paper and it uses clamps on the side to grip the paper. So no need to buy hook and loop sand paper sheets.

Bosch GSS 18 V-LI Orbital Sander

Built in dust box to reduce dust

  • No-load speed: 11000 rpm
  • No-load orbital stroke rate: 22000 opm
  • Oscillating circuit diameter: 1.6 mm
  • Weight without cable: 1 kg
  • Sanding sheet for clamping, width: 115 mm
  • Sanding sheet for clamping, length: 140 mm

Bosch GSR 18 V-LI HX Solo Cordless Screwdriverbosch-gsr-18-v-li-hx-solo-ruuvinvaannin

Integrated clutch with multiple torque settings

  • Shortest design (only 153 mm)in its class
  • light weight (only 1.7 kg 18 V – 3,0 kg)
  • Lockable 1/4″ universal holder
  • Very powerful — 500 screws (6 x 60 mm for soft wood) with only one battery charge (18 V – 3,0 Ah)
  • Powerful 67 Nm (18 V – 3,0 Ah) new 4-pole high-performance motor
  • Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge
  • Integrated LED light for illuminating the work area, even in dark places

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wow a cordless sander! I never thought anyone would come up with one of those, be a great idea as long as the batteries last. Way to go Bosch, innovating as usual!

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