New Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Corded 1″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer with Pistol Grip GBH2-26

gbh2-26_heroBosch has come out with a new corded Bulldog Xtreme 1″ SDS Plus rotary hammer featuring a pistol grip model GBH2-26. It shares some similarities with the current well regarded Bosch Bulldog Xtreme 11255VSR model such as a 1 inch max rated capacity in concrete and also features 2.0 ft lbs impact force although the new GBH2-26 features a pistol grip is slightly lighter at 6.4 lbs and shorter in length at 15 inches. The lighter weight will no doubt make it easier to use for over head applications for reduced user fatigue.

The new pistol grip Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Corded 1″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer also features a 3 mode dial for rotary only, hammer drilling, and hammer only (chipping) plus it also features a 4th mode to move the angle of chisel bits for chipping. As far as mechanical transmission specs are concerned, it has a no load speed of 0-1,300 RPM and 0-5,100 BPM for efficient concrete drilling.

It will include a side handle and depth rod, cleaning rag, and case. Pricing for this new model will be $219 in the USA and $299 in Canada when available.

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