New Bosch Impact Tough Bits

Recently Bosch posted a video over at YouTube promoting some of their Impact Tough bits. These appear to be newly designed bits compared to what they currently have on hand.  Their previous bits were like traditional bits that didn’t have the thinner center to allow for flexing under high torque like just about all the new impact rated bits yet are impact rated. These new bits that they showcase are much like modern impact rated bits where they do offer a slim center to allow them to flex under high torque.

Also part of their new Impact Tough bit line are new impact rated drilling bits that can be used with impact drivers with a 1/4″ hex locking shank. According to the video, traditional bits will slide and walk before starting holes and are implying the new Bosch Impact Tough don’t. The video shows a traditional drill bit and their new Impact Tough drill bit as they start to drill into metal side by side. The traditional bit walks around while the Bosch stays in place, although the video clip doesn’t show them actually drilling through. Check out the video below and see what you think.

Product description from the Manufacturer:

“Bosch Impact Tough™ Titanium Drill Bits provide 2X life over standard impact drill bits. Designed for use in the higher torque impact drill/drivers, they have an upgraded tip design for no-skate starts and a titanium cooling shield thanks to the titanium nitrate coating. The bits have impact-rated shanks. Electricians, plumbers and HVAC pros will appreciate the tough construction of the bit, rated for heavy-gauge carbon steels, as well as light gauge metal and hardwood applications.

Bosch Impact Tough™ Black Oxide Drill Bits are engineered for use in the higher torque impact drill/drivers. They provide longer life than standard drill bits, thanks to their tip design and black oxide coating. With long flutes for excellent speed, these bits are built for general-purpose applications and work great in wood, plastic and light-gauge metal materials. They are great for general contractors and installers.

Both bits feature a coating that provides less friction and thus less generated heat.”

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