New Budget Dewalt 20V Brushless Drill DCD777 and Impact Driver DCF787

It was the end of the year 2013 when Dewalt came out with their first cordless 20V Max budget drill, the compact DCD771 drill driver that offered a Cordless 20V Dewalt drill kit with 2 batteries, charger and all for an introductory price of $99. Many of the included components were never before used on the Dewalt 20V line and were downgrades from what was currently available at the time, the drill itself was a bulkier “compact” drill that was larger than the current DCD780 of the time, it had less power, slower top RPM’s, and as for the components that came with the kit, were lower capacity batteries, and a slow charger. All of this was done in an effort to keep the price as low as possible and the result was a Dewalt 20V drill kit with 2 lithium batteries and charger for $99 as the DCD771C2 kit. It sure offered less but in the grand scheme of things, it brought the Dewalt name to consumers that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the “higher” prices of pro brand tools.

Dewalt DCD777 20V Compact Brushless Drill


Since then I have found out that Dewalt has recently come out with a new budget drill the DCD777 but this time around, this new drill is a brushless model. It offers improved mechanical stats and more power output at 340 UWO which is Dewalt’s in house method of measuring torque and power output. Drivetrain stats are a 2 speed (0-500 & 1,750 rpm) with an upgraded brushless motor which should easily provide for a boost in runtime. The exterior has also gone through a major overhaul as it does not look like a budget drill at all. It looks like it could fit in as a new sought after model with an attractive design, and more compact form factor. It’s styling looks to be a blend of the original DCD780 and the newer brushless compacts DCD790 or DCD791 although with a plastic chuck instead of the metal chuck found on the other two brushless models, but as you can see from the stats and the model name itself, the DCD777 is in fact a step down model from the current Dewalt brushless compact drills.

The picture of the Dewalt kit DCD777C2 shows us that it’s still using the budget compact lithium batteries as the DCD771 model and appear to be 1.3ah batteries instead of the current 2ah batteries being used on current Dewalt compact brushless 20V drills. It also uses the DCB107 slow charger which is one of their slowest chargers. One thing that doesn’t make any sense is that the current price on Amazon for this kit is $237.22 which is more than the DCD790 and DCD791 which both are priced at $199 in kit form with better everything. My guess is that Amazon and other retailers will quickly drop the price in the near future to represent the real price soon which would reflect the budget nature of this new Dewalt brushless compact 20V drill. Nothing wrong with offering less as long as the price is low enough to make the kit attractive for users.

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  • Compact Lightweight Design
  • High Performance Motor Delivers 340W Out Of Power
  • High Speed Transmission Delivers 2 Speeds, 0-500 & 1,750 Rpm
  • 1/2″ Single Sleeve Ratcheting Chuck
  • 7.52″ front to back

Dewalt DCF787 20V Brushless 1/4″ Impact Driver


Dewalt also offers a new “budget” brushless 20V impact driver model DCF787. The thing is that it’s currently not available by itself. The only way to get one is bundled with the Dewalt DCD777 mentioned above as a two tool combo kit DCK277C2. Not much is known specwise at the moment on this new 20V impact driver other than it’s a brushless model and the only two specs I see listed on the Amazon site where it’s listed is a front to back length of 5.4 inches and 2.0 lbs weight although it doesn’t list if 2 lbs is with or without battery. My guess is that it’s 2.0 lbs without the battery. One thing I will say is that this new DCF787 impact driver looks almost identical to the DCF886 impact driver except for the removal of the “XR” branding. I’ll update the full specs list when they get announced.

As I was saying in the previous paragraph, the new DCF787 impact driver comes included with the DCD777 as a 2 piece combo kit DCK277C2 and is currently priced at $229 on Amazon making it a more affordable brushless 2 tool combo kit than the current DCK283D2 which retails for about $279. Of course since you pay a bit less with the DCK277C2 kit which includes the two new brushless 20V tools mentioned in this article, the kit itselfs cuts back on the accessories included. You get the same lower capacity batteries and slow charger that come with the DCD777C2 kit, so you pay less but you get less. I still like the idea of Dewalt giving users more options and a lower priced kit to bring more affordable Dewalt branded cordless 20V power tools to users that would normally shy away from pricier tools.

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  • DEWALT brushless motor delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed
  • DCF787 20V MAX* Compact Brushless 1/4″ Impact Driver; Compact (5.4″ front to back), lightweight (2.0 lbs) designed to fit into small spaces
  • DCD777 20V MAX* Compact Brushless Drill/Driver; Compact (7.52″ front to back), lightweight design fits into tight areas
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handle provides ideal balance and tool control
  • LED light with 20-second trigger release delay provides increased visibility in dark or confined spaces.


  • Jc says:

    Wrong specs….check dewalt website…

    • Javier says:

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I updated the info. I pulled the original info from Amazon so now I see their info is different from Dewalts site.

      One thing that I noticed was that even the info from the Dewalt site is iffy. For the DCD777 drill, you get 2 top rpm listings 1,600 and 1,750. Also they list the drill as only weighing 2.6 lbs which I know can’t be true, maybe as a baretool but not with battery.

      Also there’s absolutely no stats info for the impact on the Dewalt page. What’s up with that? Makes me wonder where Amazon got their info from, My guess is they got it directly from the retail box.

      So I take this info with a bit of caution

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