New Delta Cruzer 10 Inch Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw is a Glider

A new Delta Cruzer 10 Inch Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw was spotted on the Lowe’s website by Cody Robertson.

It’s a 10 incher and has dual bevel, pretty common miter saw specs right? The title mentions that it’s a slider but looking at the only two pictures, I don’t see any sliding rails but I do see large tabs on either side that make me believe this saw glides across similarly to the Bosch Glide miter saws. If true, the lack of rails will allow the saw to rest all the way up to wall and will not impede the sliding or “gliding” when making slide cuts. I can also see that it includes two side extensions and a material clamp.

Th only known specs at the moment are that it’s a 15 amp miter saw, it’s a dual bevel saw, and it slides, seriously that’s it! The Lowe’s website doesn’t think we want to know any other specs like horizontal and vertical cut capacities, miter angle and bevel angle range, any extras like LED’s or Lasers or simple stuff like dimensions and weight. What’s also strange is that the new saw is currently listed as no longer available. My question is, when was it available?

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This saw was advertised in the latest issue of Wood Magazine. I’ve read mixed reviews of the comparable Bosh tool. If this saw is considered to be more accurate/repeatable than the Bosch, it should sell well.


The saw is on the Delta website as of 15 October 2017. It comes in 10 and 12 inch versions. It may be better made than my excellent Bosch GCM12SD. The Cruzer has 16 ball bearings and a pair of needle bearings (for the output spindle shaft). The saw has a system new to me where removing the tall sliding back fence enables one to cross cut 18″ by 2-1/2″ boards. I look forward to the first direct comparison between the two saws.