New Dewalt 20V Gen 2 Brushless Leaf Blower & Articulating Head Pole Hedge Trimmer Spotted

Two new Dewalt 20V outdoor power tools were spotted on instagram with a new 20V XR brushless leaf blower that I’ll label as the Gen 2 model since it looks like either an upgrade or refresh or both of the current DCBL720 model and also a new 20V articulating head pole hedge trimmer. All credit for the info goes to toolsbydesign instagram page for the articulating head pole hedge trimmer and toolprospodcast instagram page for the leaf blower.

There really isn’t much info for either tool at the moment unfortunately. All we have to go by is their pictures as proof they exist and will come out soon. Info such as specs or even model numbers is not yet available at time of writing.

Dewalt 20V Articulating Head Hedge Trimmer

All we know so far is that the new articulating head hedge trimmer is part of the 20V line and is coming next year 2020 in the first quarter and that it appears to be based on the design of the pole saw but with an articulating hedge trimmer head instead. Just like the original Dewalt 20V hedge trimmer, it appears to be running on a brushed motor. It appears to have the ability to use extension poles for added reach. According to toolsbydesign, the articulating head pole hedge trimmer shown is a prototype so expect the final product to look similar but could be slightly different.

Dewalt 20V Brushless Leaf Blower “Gen 2”?

The new Dewalt 20V blower on the other hand does feature a brushless motor just like the current model. The new model has a sleek updated modern look that has more aggressive styling. Cosmetic changes include a new trigger design with the cruise control lever moved to the very top of the handle and submerged. It features a similar turbine design and the battery now mounts directly behind the handle but sideways. The bottom stand is shortened which reduces overall height and the stand has a roll cage design like the ones you’d find on their battery powered radios. The blower tube appears to have a removable and replaceable tip. The current Dewalt 20V blower is rated at 400 CFM and 90 MPH performance so expect the new model to have similar or improved performance.

A big thanks to Cody Robertson for spotting!

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