New Dewalt DWARA120 Right Angle Attachment

Dewalt has a new DWARA120 Right Angle Attachment that should be coming out soon.

The DWARA120 Right Angle Attachment is the updated version of the DWARA100 which is also impact ready but builds on the design by making it slimmer, now with a head length of only 1.5 inch. This allows it to fit into even tighter spots than before. Dewalt also claims it lasts 5x than it’s competitors such as Milwaukee’s own right angle attachment however that claim was also on the older DWARA100 model so it’s longevity is about the same as before.

Expect the DWARA120 Right Angle Attachment to hit stores soon for around $20.

A big thanks to Cody Robertson for spotting!

  • Best-in-Class Performance and Accessibility, with 1.5-in front-to-back design
  • Magnetism for fastener retention
  • Engineered for use in impact drivers, allowing users to drill or drive
  • Applications include wood and metal

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Any updates to the bit retention mechanism? The 100’s magnet isn’t the storngest. Not problematically weak by any means, but I’ve wished I were a bit stronger on occasion.


No pun intended


Shame it wasn’t here sooner. Just bought my dad the DWARA100 a few months ago as a gift. I have the DWARAFS, the flex shaft version, myself. The head isn’t as low profile, but that flex shaft really gets into tight places well. Use it quite a bit on my M12 hex driver.

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