New Ego 56V Brushless 15 inch String Trimmer with Rapid Load Head


A new Ego 56V Brushless 15 inch String Trimmer has popped up at the Home Depot website with a model number ST1500SF as a baretool or ST1502SF with a 2.5ah battery and charger.

Ego already has a 15 inch brushless string trimmer so what gives? The new model is basically the same thing as the current model but instead it has a rapid load head.

According to Ego, this is what they say about the new rapid load feature:

The cutting head on this string trimmer is a rapid reload, intended for faster line replacement, as opposed to the ST1501-S which comes with the standard cutting head.


As stated above, all other features are identical including the bump feed system and all other stats and specs.

As a kit, it will be priced the same as the current model at $199 but as a bonus it will be priced at $129 which is less that the price of the current model as a baretool.

Product Overview

All the power of gas, without the noise, fuss and fumes now with the Rapid Reload Head for even greater convenience. The 15 in. cutting swath, bump-head line advancement and professional-grade 0.095 in. cutting line make quick word of yard clean ups. The 2.5Ah Arc Lithium battery features industry leading technology and powers all EGO Power+ products.

  • 15 in. cutting swath
  • Rapid reload head to quickly and easily load cutting line
  • Dual-feed spiral-twist 0.095 in. line
  • Variable speed
  • Weather-resistant construction (ipx4)
  • Extended aluminum shaft with in-line grip
  • Hi-efficiency brushless motor
  • 2.5Ah arc lithium battery powers all EGO Power+ products
  • 5-year limited warranty

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