New Empire Level Chrome and Auto Lock Tape Measures

Empire Level is coming out with a set of new Chrome tape measures in two varieties – standard and auto lock models.

Both models offer a plastic housing with a chrome like finish. The standard chrome tapes offer the usual push to lock tab and offers a full body chrome look. The auto locking model will lock the tape automatically when the tape is extended making it a self locking tape and also features a chrome look but only the top half is chromed out while the bottom half has a black plastic finish to differentiate the two models.

All new Empire Level Chrome tape measures feature a nylon-coated blade to provide resistance to jobsite contamination and resistance to abrasion. A reinforced 5-screw housing provides increased durability against wear and tear and drops from elevated locations.

Designed to be compact and ergonomic, the new Tape Measures provide a better fit in the user’s hand and a more comfortable experience during use. Each includes a convenient marking surface to assist when laying down a mark, scribing notes, and taking measurements.

The Empire Chrome and Autolock Series of Tape Measures join an array of high-performing next generation product upgrades Empire will launch this year to expand its range of advanced layout solutions. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the Tape Measures confirm Empire’s commitment to best-in-class durability and innovation.

The Auto lock model will feature 3 different sizes 12′, 16′, and 25′. The standard chrome model will feature 5 sizes 12 ft, 16 ft, 25 ft, 30 ft, and 35 ft. All new Empire Level chrome tape measures are available now.

Empire Autolock Tape Measures

  • 12’ Empire Autolock Tape Measure (500AL-12) $7.99
  • 16’ Empire Autolock Tape Measure (500AL-16) $8.99
  • 25’ Empire Autolock Tape Measure (500AL-25) $9.99

Empire Chrome Tape Measures

  • 12’ Empire Chrome Tape Measure (300-12) $7.99
  • 16’ Empire Chrome Tape Measure (300-16) $8.99
  • 25’ Empire Chrome Tape Measure (300-25) $9.99
  • 30’ Empire Chrome Tape Measure (300-30) $13.99
  • 35’ Empire Chrome Tape Measure (300-35) $15.99

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