New Harbor Freight Hand Tool Brands – Doyle / Bremen / Quinn

Every week I get a few Harbor Freight flyers mailed to me and as I quickly scanned through today’s flyer, I noticed that they now have more new tool brands with Doyle, Bremen, and Quinn brands, with all three offering hand tools.

So far all three brands offer nothing but a series of pliers and one bolt cutter. The Doyle brand offers pliers that electricians use and Harbor Freight compares most of them directly to Klein Tools pliers while they compare the precision pliers set to Channellock as you can see in the below picture.  I also want to mention that all three brands offer lifetime warranties.

Here’s what they offer under the Doyle brand:

  • 9-1/2″ High Leverage Linesman Pliers $16.99 – Comparable to Klein Tools
  • 9-1/2″ Wire Crimping Tool $14.99 – Comparable to Klein Tools
  • 8″ cutting pliers $14.99 – Comparable to Klein Tools
  • 10″ cable cutters $19.99 – comparable to Klein Tools
  • 3 piece precision pliers set $12.99 – Comparable to CHANNELLOCK
  • 8″ long nose pliers $12.99 – comparable to Klein Tools

Bremen offers 4 different flavors of locking pliers and compares them directly to Home Depot, Milwaukee, Irwin, and Crescent brands.

Here’s what they offer under the Bremen brand:

  • C-Clamp Locking Pliers 11″ & 18″ $10.99-19.99 – Comparable to Home Depot
  • 10″ Straight Jaw Locking Pliers $6.99 – Comparable to Milwaukee
  • Curved Jaw Locking Pliers 5″-10″ $4.99-$6.99 – comparable to Irwin
  • Long Nose locking pliers 6″ & 9″ $6.99-7.99 – comparable to Crescent

The Quinn brand offers long nose pliers, a 3 piece high voltage electricians pliers, and snap ring pliers. The Bremen tools are said to be comparable to Stanley, Irwin and CHANNELLOCK respectively.

Here’s what they offer under the Quinn brand:

  • 8″ Long Nose Pliers $3.99 – comparable to Stanley
  • 3 piece high voltage electricians pliers set $24.99 – comparable to Irwin
  • Snap Ring Pliers with reversible action $12.99 – comparable to Channellock

This is probably just the start with the new brands offerings and I would expect the amount and variety of tools to grow overtime as they add more tools to each brand.

It seems like Harbor Freight is in a rush to decrease and possibly kill off their original in house brands like Pittsburgh and Chicago Electric by replacing them with all these new brands.

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Went to two stores looking for the Doyle 9 1/2 High Leverage Linesman pliers. None on display. None online either! What’s up?


Same thing here! They have the Quinn linesman pliers but not the doyle ones.


At my local HFT, that particular tool is flying off the rack faster than they can restock them. I was lucky enough to get a pair in October.


Was wondering the same thing, Randy. One thing I wish they would do better is communicate exactly or a rough estimate of when their new tools of newer “brands” will be available.


New store openings have these tools on plan-o-gram sheets. I helped open the new store here in Bristol, Virginia. We are into week two of operation. We have most of the “new” lines available. The “Red Shirts” from corporate tell me the new stores will open with these tools.

Bart Gabriel

I am a Licensed Master Electrician and Die hard Klein Tools guy I checked out the Doyle brand fit and finish of the Diagonal pliers is great on the Doyle brand the jaws mate tight no gap they open very smoothly unlike a new set of Kline’s for $15 bucks or less they are hard to beat for a guy just getting in the trade or the homeowner I could not find any downfall to buying a pair of these hand tools

Gerry Wright

Bought a pair of the Doyle slip joint pliers and honestly for the price they seem sturdier and as well made as the current Channelock and better than Stanley. Should get years of everyday use out of them, and a lot fewer tears if you lose them or the get lifted.

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