New Harbor Freight Hercules Corded Angle Grinder Teardown Video

I learned about the new Hercules brand and their new 20V cordless power tools over at Harbor Freight late last week and was the first time I ever heard of the new brand. Then Josh wrote in about a Hercules grinder that HF also has, say what? The Hercules grinder is also new but isn’t part of their 20V cordless system as it’s a corded angle grinder.

The Hercules corded grinder is a compact 4-1/2 inch grinder but is supposed to be a big step up compared to Harbor Freights current grinder offerings from their other in house brands like Drill Master and Chicago Electric. Looks like Harbor Freight is aiming to compete against some of the big brands like Dewalt and such. We already know they their Hercules 20V tools look like Dewalt clones.

Pricing for the new Hercules angle grinder is $39.99 which is closer in price with pro brands budget models.

From the Manufacturer:

The compact size, high power and rugged durability of the Hercules 4-1/2 in. 7 Amp Small Angle Grinder make it the go-to tool for weld clean-up, slag removal, grinding, cutting, stripping paint and hundreds of other projects. This angle grinder delivers 11,000 RPM to get the job done fast.
  • Powerful 7 amp motor delivers 11,000 RPM for fast grinding
  • Slim body design improves comfort and control
  • Rugged aluminum gear case provides maximum durability
  • Spindle lock for fast, easy wheel changes
  • Slide switch with lock-on for improved productivity

Josh also wrote in that there was a video online from YouTube channel Tool Teardowns that opens up the new Hercules grinder and gives us his review of its guts. Apparently Harbor Freight sources much better parts for the new Hercules grinder and Tool Teardowns also compares the Hercules grinder to HF’s cheap grinder and step up grinder. The Hercules grinder is still made using Chinese parts but good ones at that. He said that he’s going to get a Dewalt grinder to compare.

You should support Tool Teardowns new channel by visiting his channel here: Tool Teardowns

I like his style, he does AvE style videos that are family friendly.

A big thanks to Tool Teardowns for letting me share his video with you guys and Josh for informing us about the new Hercules angle grinder!

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