New Hikoki / Metabo HPT C18DBL(H4Z) 125mm Brushless Circular Saw Spotted

Hikoki has introduced a small C18DBL(H4Z) 125mm Brushless Circular Saw as part of their 18v slide pack battery platform. While many of the recent releases from Hikoki/Metabo HPT have been to their new MultiVolt battery platform, this new saw is an 18v model meaning it can run on the existing 18v batteries and also the new MultiVolt batteries.

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My thoughts: I can say from personal experience smaller saws like this new Hikoki / Metabo HPT model are great for precision work where the depth of cut is minimal such as cutting flooring or ripping plywood or OSB. while the power won’t be that of a larger saw, you don’t need as much to spin the much smaller 125mm (5”) blade. Features on this saw include a brushless motor, full speed and silent modes, an electric brake, and an LED work light.

Features and specifications:

  • Brushless motor
  • LED light
  • Compatible with all Hitachi 18v slide pack batteries and all Hikoki MultiVolt batteries
  • Blade size: 125mm (5”)
  • RPM: normal speed: 5,000 RPM. silent mode: 3,000 RPM
  • Max depth of cut: at 90 degrees: 47mm (1.85”). At 45 degrees: 30mm (1.181”).
  • Cutting angle: 0-45 degrees
  • Length: 280mm (11.025”)
  • Width: 168mm (6.62”)
  • Height: 237mm (9.33”)
  • Accessories included: blade and blade wrench
  • Price at the time of writing: $334 AUD bare tool

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The price is $334 AUD for the bare tool, not $649 as you have written.

Josh The Tooldude

Thanks for pointing that out, Glenn. I could have sworn that was the price when I wrote up the article about a week ago, but I could have been wrong. If I remember correctly I got the specs and pricing from Get Tools Direct AU, but their pricing is $329.00 AUD. Sorry for that mistake, I’ll see about correcting it right away!


Not a problem, just thought tha tat that price it would never sell, lol.


price fixed

Josh The Tooldude

thanks bro, I’ll double check a couple sources if available next time before I send it in.


No worries bro, don’t even sweat it.

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