Hikoki (Metabo HPT) MultiVolt CD3607DA 36V 185mm (7-1/4”) Metal Cutting Circular Saw Spotted

Every now and then I’ll take a look at the Hikoki Japan website for new tools and I recently spotted the new CD3607DA metal cutting 185mm / 7-1/4” circular saw … Continue Reading →

Metabo HPT 371751M 36V 18V Multivolt 2.5 ah / 5.0 ah Battery

When Metabo HPT introduced the Multivolt line of 36V tools, the Multivolt battery which has the ability to switch voltage for use with 18V and 36V tools, only came in … Continue Reading →

Metabo HPT / Hikoki CJ36DB & CJ36DA MultiVolt 36v Brushless Jigsaws Spotted

It seems like jigsaws have been a point of focus for many brands over the past couple years, with Ridgid and Ryobi bringing out new brushless top handle jigsaws and … Continue Reading →

Metabo HPT UC18YTSL 36V / 18V 4 Port Charger

Metabo HPT has a new UC18YTSL 4 port charger that can charge their 18V and 36V Multivolt batteries. It wasn’t enough that it can accept up to 4 batteries but … Continue Reading →

Deal – Hitachi Corded C10RJ Table Saw With Free C10FCG 10In Miter Saw Only $398

I found a deal on the Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw for $398 where you receive a Hitachi C10FCG 10In Miter Saw for FREE! Click on the link below and add … Continue Reading →

METABO HPT Cordless 36V MultiVolt Brushless 10″ Table Saw C3610DRJQ4M

Metabo HPT (the tool company formerly known as Hitachi) has just come out with a new cordless table saw part of their Multivolt 36V platform with the METABO HPT Cordless … Continue Reading →

Hikoki / Metabo HPT G3623DA MultiVolt 36v Brushless 9” / 230mm Angle Grinder Spotted

With Metabo, Makita, AEG, and Milwaukee all offering full size 9”/230mm cordless grinders, Hikoki / Metabo HPT must have felt left out because they’re introducing a G3623DA MultiVolt 36v Brushless … Continue Reading →

New Hikoki / Metabo HPT C18DBL(H4Z) 125mm Brushless Circular Saw Spotted

Hikoki has introduced a small C18DBL(H4Z) 125mm Brushless Circular Saw as part of their 18v slide pack battery platform. While many of the recent releases from Hikoki/Metabo HPT have been … Continue Reading →

New Hikoki / Metabo HPT 12v Max Tools Spotted

While Hikoki/Metabo HPT has been busy expanding their MultiVolt line of tools, they have also been developing a new line of 10.8v/12v tools and slide pack batteries. Currently in the … Continue Reading →

Metabo HPT 36v MultiVolt Brushless Reciprocating Saw CR36DAQ4M

With their new name and new battery technology, Metabo HPT (formerly known as Hitachi) wasted no time coming out with a new cordless 36v MultiVolt Brushless Reciprocating Saw CR36DAQ4M to take … Continue Reading →

Metabo HPT DH36DMAQ2 36v 1-9/16” SDS MAX Rotary Hammer

Metabo HPT is now the 4th brand to offer an SDS MAX 1-9/16” rotary hammer drill alongside Milwaukee, DeWalt and Makita with the Metabo HPT DH36DMAQ2 36v brushless 1-9/16” SDS … Continue Reading →

Metabo HPT (Hitachi) Multivolt 36V AC/DC Adapter ET36AM

Ever wish you could plug in your cordless battery powered tools with some sort of adapter? The technology has always been available and easily implementable however greedy corporations and lowsy … Continue Reading →

Hitachi In the USA will be Called Metabo HPT in 2018 Not Hikoki

We learned earlier that Hitachi would soon change their name to Hikoki in many countries outside of the USA but we didn’t know if the new name would affect Hitachi … Continue Reading →

Hitachi CF18DSAL 18V Cordless Steel Rebar Cutter CF18DSAL(H4)

Hitachi has an 18V cordless rebar cutter named the CF18DSAL. It was spotted in Australia by Cody Robertson with a slightly different model of CF18DSAL(H4) . Cordless rebar cutters are nothing … Continue Reading →