New Hitachi 18V Brushless 1/2″ Compact Impact Wrench WR18DBDL2

Hitach just announced a new cordless 18V 1/2″ compact impact wrench with a brushless motor – the WR18DBDL2.

If you’ve been following the tool industry lately, you’ve surely noticed that tools are getting smaller, lighter, and more powerful and mostly in part to brushless motor technology.

The Hitachi 18V Brushless 1/2″ Compact Impact Wrench WR18DBDL2 is no different as it moves forward with a smaller lighter package while still managing to increase power output. The WR18DBDL2 is small at 5-11/16″ inches in length, weighs only 3.3 lbs with battery and pumps out 225 ft-lbs torque. It uses a 1/2″ anvil with a friction ring for easy socket changes.

It has a 4 mode drive control to fit the tool to various applications and what I like about Hitachi, is that they offer their compact batteries with high capacity 3.0ah for great runtime. Most other brands offer compact 2.0 ah batteries and if you want more capacity you’d have to go for their larger batteries which add bulk and weight to the tool.

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