New Makita Brushless Plunge Saw 18V X2 36V Track Saw Announced Today

Makita just announced a new track saw – the Makita X2 Plunge saw. It was unveiled today on their Facebook page as part of their open house of the new Makita distribution and training center in Dallas.

The video above shows off the new tool. Not much is said, actually nothing is said but it does show it in action making one cut on a sheet of plywood. From what we can see, the new cordless track saw runs off of their 18V LXT batteries and takes two of them which makes this an X2 power tool pumping out 36 volts! I also see the BL logo on the side which means it’s a brushless saw – sweet!

No other info but the video description says it’s available this July. More info to come soon.

I know Dewalt also announced a new 60V Flexvolt cordless track saw and it yet hasn’t come out so it seems Makita might beat them to market.

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