New Milwaukee Reel Long Tapes Feature Industry’s first blade cleaning system

Milwaukee has just announced several new open and closed reel long tape measures in 100 ft and 300 ft sizes (also available in 30 & 100 meters sizes). But you know Milwaukee wouldn’t be Milwaukee if they didn’t add a new spin or twist on things when it came to hand tools, as they added the industry’s first blade cleaning system.

They call it the “Grime Guard” blade cleaning system and it features a wiper that wipes the blades clean as the go in and keeps dirt, mud, debris, and other nasty junk out of the internals, thus extending the life of the blade. It also features a 3:1 planetary metal gear system that distributes force evenly and puts less stress on internal components to prolong life.

These new Milwaukee reel long tapes will be available in November 2016


Long Tape

Open Reel Long Tape Options

100ft Open Reel Long Tape               48-22-5201 ($29.99)

300ft Open Reel Long Tape               48-22-5230 ($49.99)

*30M and 100M Open Reel also available

Closed Reel Long Tape Options

100ft Closed Reel Long Tape             48-22-5101 ($19.99)

*30M Closed Reel also available

Click here to purchase on Acme Tools

MILWAUKEE-48-22-5101 – $19.99

from: Acme Tools

MILWAUKEE-48-22-5201 – $29.99

from: Acme Tools

MILWAUKEE-48-22-5230 – $49.99

from: Acme Tools

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