New OLFA X-Design Snapblade Series Utility Knives Use 25% Sharper Blades

I love snapblade utility knives because when the blade get’s dull, you just snap the dull part to expose a fresh new sharp edge. OLFA which is one of the largest names in the snapblade industry just announced their latest X-Design Series of snap blade utility knives.

The X-Design Pro Series of knives feature the OLFA Ultra-Sharp Black Premium blades, which are double-honed to a 59-degree edge angle to be 25 percent sharper than OLFA standard silver blades. The X-Design Series breaks down into three knives: XA-1 (9mm), LA-X (18mm) and the XH-AL (25 mm). OLFA designed each knife at a size that’s specific to certain materials/applications:

  • XA-1 (9mm) Use this knife to for skilled cuts like vinyl, window film, and wallpaper as well as shrink-wrap, caulking, foam board or other materials.
  • LA-X (18mm) Use this utility knife for any heavy-duty cutting applications such as construction, drywall, carpet, flooring, and more.
  • XH-AL (25mm) Use this utility knife for cutting industrial materials such as gaskets, flexible conduit, belt synthetics, rope, leather, laminates, plastics, fiberglass, rubber and textiles.

All three new OLFA X-Design series utility knives and individually sold snap blades are available now.

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