New Ridgid Hyper Octane 3.0 Ah Battery To Be Released Alongside 6ah & 9ah Batteries

If you’re a regular reader of Tool Craze then Ridgid’s latest 18V Hyper Octane 6.0 and 9.0 ah batteries are nothing new to you as we’ve covered them for years now, however there is also going to be a new 3.0 ah Hyper Octane battery AC840088 to be released alongside the new 6ah and 9ah batteries.

While Ridgid has had 4.0 and 5.0 ah batteries for a long time now, the reason you should be excited about a new Ridgid 18V 3ah Hyper Octane battery AC840088 is because it’s a slimpack battery roughly about half the size of the current 5.0 ah battery and is composed of 5 cells making for a compact battery with a high capacity to size/weight ratio.

Ridgid claims the new 6ah and 9ah Hyper Octane batteries will provide more power when paired with their Octane brushless tools and the same goes with this new 3ah battery. This is interesting because the term power is separate from the word runtime as we all know that larger capacity batteries provide more runtime simply due to the fact that they are a larger gas tank per say so the term more power implies better performance. How much more performance is what I’m waiting to see. Carry over feature includes their 4 bar fuel gauge as seen on previous batteries and will carry a 3 year warranty.

All the new Ridgid Hyper Octane batteries including the 3.0 ah will be available July 2018 which is only days away at the time of writing. Pricing for the 3ah Hyper Octane battery will be $89 for a single battery pack, $129 for a single 6ah battery and $169 for a single 9ah battery.


  • model AC840088
  • More Power when paired with any RIDGID Octane™ Tool
  • Increased runtime over standard lithium-ion batteries (3Ah = 2x more runtime, 6Ah = 4x more runtime and 9Ah = 8x more runtime)
  • Bluetooth Technology Enabled
  • Over 15 different Push Notifications such as battery is fully charged, low battery, and maintenance is needed
  • Security Features such as locate your battery, lock your battery, and disable your battery when out of range
  • Battery Status Features such as estimated charge time and total hours used
  • WARRANTY: 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • LAUNCH DATE: 3Ah – In-Store July 2018
  • 6Ah – Online Now, In-Store July 2018
  • 9Ah – In-Store July 2018
  • 6Ah – $129
  • 9Ah – $169

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Josh The Tooldude

It’s such a cute little battery! I might force my self to pick one up to see how the power is compared to my Hyper Octane 6ah with my Octane reciprocating saw.