New Ryobi P518 Brushless Reciprocating Saw Spotted In Combo Set P1933N

A new Ryobi 2 cordless baretool set has appeared on the HD site with a set model number P1933N and while it has an existing cordless power tool, the JobPlus base with multitool attachment head, the set also comes with a completely new cordless Ryobi tool. That tool in question is the Ryobi P518 brushless reciprocating saw.

Ryobi already has a brushless 18V recip saw, the P517 model but Ryobi saw a need to make another. The new P518 model looks similar in many ways except not quite the same as there are a few cosmetic differences along with it having a large section in front of the handle grip area. Not sure why this section is larger than their other cordless recip saws. Maybe could be electronics or the drivetrain or both or simply dead space, which one we don’t know. Also it’s hard to tell if the newer P518 model has the ability to adjust the shoe by extending it like it can on the P517 model. No mention of whether it has or doesn’t have this feature but we do know based on the pic that the shoe pivots and has a side lever to install and remove blades. We also see an antivibe handle for reduced vibration during use. Other than that we don’t know any specifics since the HD listing doesn’t give any other specifics and do not provide a manual at the time of writing this article.

So far the new P518 brushless recip saw can only be had in the P1933n combo set, I mention set instead of kit because the two tool set is composed of two baretools and that’s it. No charger or batteries included. I can tell you that the price of the set is $139.00 at the time of writing making it a very good deal as well as the P517 brushless recip baretool is $10 less at $129 and the Jobplus multitool is $79.

A big thanks to DrewBHAM for spotting!

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  • Steve says:

    The P518 appears to be a cost-cutting version of the P517 as they have replaced some metal components with plastic ones. The P518 is a kit only saw and will remain so.

    • dave says:

      You may be right, but for some purposes like pruning, a lighter weight, lower cost brushless tool would be great. However we know that a “kit only” tool doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t acquire it separately. Right now they are being sold as a bare tool on amazon and probably ebay too, which is how I want it, don’t want to pay extra for another charger and low capacity batteries when I can get a two pack of 4Ah at Home Depot for $80 every other week.

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