New Ryobi RC18120 18V Fast Charger That’s Not So Fast

I just spotted a newer Ryobi RC18120 18V charger outside of the USA that is claimed to be a fast charger, however it’s not that fast at charging.

In fact, it is slower than the P117 Dual Chemistry IntelliPort Charger that can charger 1.5ah batteries in 30 minutes while the newer Ryobi RC18120 18V “Fast” Charger chargers smaller 1.3ah batteries in 40 minutes.

However it’s still pretty fast when you consider the size of the charger as it appears to be very small like the cheap budget chargers that are just big enough to cover the battery terminals however those can take upwards of 3-6 hours to charger batteries or more, so compared to these similar size chargers in that sense it’s a fast charger.

Charge times:

  • 1.3Ah — 40 minutes
  • 2.0Ah — 60 minutes
  • 2.5Ah — 75 minutes
  • 5.0Ah — 150 minutes

Specs and features of the ONE+ charger include:

  • LED battery status indicator
  • Compact design
  • Wall mountable

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As I said above, I spotted this outside of the USA so I’m not sure when or if this charger will make its way to the USA.

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Fast-for-its-size would be the best description. I’ve seen the current one this in this size take darn near 24 hours to charge a completely dead 4.0 battery. A charger at this speed is also likely easier on the cells. Full fast chargers can be rather hard on them and break down the chemistry sooner.

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