Next Generation of Milwaukee The Wrecker Bi-Metal Blades

Milwaukee is pleased to announce an upgrade to their line of popular The Wrecker demolition multi-material reciprocating saw blades.

The Wrecker features a new extended 1” blade profile that makes it ideal for multi-material demolition cutting. An aggressive 7/11 TPI design delivers greater material versatility in a wide range of materials, from nail-embedded wood and plastics, to thicker metals. This brand new tooth design incorporates a tooth-protecting feature to increase the durability through nails, staples, and thin gauge metals. The blade has also been engineered with 25% more high speed steel, increasing the strength of the teeth and the overall life of the blade. The combination of these features results in greater material versatility, durability, and 5X longer life.


6” The Wrecker™ Demolition Multi-Material Blade (48-00-5701)

9” The Wrecker™ Demolition Multi-Material Blade (48-00-5706)

12” The Wrecker™ Demolition Multi-Material Blade (48-00-5711)

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