Portamate Portacube STR Miter Saw Work Station

What do you get when you combine a rolling miter saw stand with a folding work table? You get the Portamate Portacube STR Miter Saw Work Station.

  • A SOLID, STABLE MITER SAW WORKBENCH – You can quickly mount your miter saw or other power tool on the 30” bench, and work without wobble or movement
  • FOLDING WING EXTENSIONS – Two 30” wings fold outward and lock into place, giving you a 60” or full 90” workbench. Wings include moveable inserts which align level with your saw
  • CONVENIENT HANDLE AND WHEELS – The workstation includes a handle and wheels, allowing it to be moved like a hand truck. Perfect when space is a consideration
  • YOUR SAW FLIPS AWAY – When not used for cutting, the saw table area reverse-flips, allowing it to become a full, level table for other projects, while your saw stays conveniently and safely attached
  • The main frame is solid steel for added strength, and the composite extension wings add functionality at a reduced weight. There are peg dog holes, 10” wheels, 34” work height, and a 1 year warranty

It basically combines the functionality of both in a compact form factor that can be easily wheeled to your next location or around the shop. You can place a miter saw onto the table portion of the Portacube just as you would with a regular miter saw stand and it has fold out wings on the side with pop up tabs that support long work pieces such as trim molding. When you’re done using the miter saw, you can fold everything back in place with the miter saw attached for easy storage and the built in wheels help transport to and from storage.

The table top that holds the miter saw can flip over to hide the miter saw underneat and exposes a flat table top making the Portamate Portacube a portable work table. To add to the tables usability, you can fold out the same fold out wings to extend the table top to 7 feet wide.

You can use the Portamate Portacube with or without a miter saw, and you can also place other tools onto the flip over table such as a planer, or oscillating spindle sander as a few examples.

It’s available now and it’s priced at $349 or you can get it for less on Amazon.

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